17 Jan

“Computers have always been a hobby of mine. I also knew Technology wasn’t going to be effected by the market and would always need people to manage it.”

As a non-traditional student seeking a degree for a second career, Amos found the program at MSC very welcoming with many other non-traditional students looking for a new path. After being in the construction business for 8-10 years and the housing market dying off in 2008, Amos knew he needed a degree for a new career.

“Things fell perfectly into place for me.”

Amos graduated from MSC in May of 2012 with an Associates of Applied Science in Computer Systems Technology (CST). While working toward his degree, he began working part-time at Matsu Services for Children and Adults (MSSCA) and quickly took over as head of MSSCA’s IT system, which comprised of 17 servers and supports 280 employees.

“I have obtained more information and achieved a lot since my time at Mat-Su College. I want to make sure that knowledge is passed on.”

Amos values education and the opportunities he has worked hard for since his time at MSC. As a way to give back, Amos teaches at MSC as an Adjunct Professor within the CST Department to pass on what he has learned. Amos also sits on the CST Advisory Council and has donated an IBM AS400 to the program for students to see the evolution of the equipment. This past Winter Break, Amos also spent a full week of his vacation time on a time-consuming special project for the department. After many hours of work on the advanced equipment, Amos had it programmed and up and running. He has also built a new rack for the whole system.

“Amos is very supportive of the school and excited to help. He believes in reinvesting in this program through teaching, donating time and more.” – Professor Harry Banks.