Academic Dispute Resolution Procedure

Challenges to academic decisions or actions of the faculty or academic administration will be reviewed according to the procedure that implements the UA Board of Regents Policy 09.03.02 and its University Regulation on Resolution of Disputes Regarding Academic Decisions or Actions. Appropriate issues for the procedure include such things as considerations of alleged grading error or arbitrary and capricious grading for a final grade assignment. Grades assigned prior to the final grade received in a course are not subject to review under this procedure. Only the course instructor or an academic decision review committee may authorize a change in the assignment of a final grade.

A complete copy of the Academic Dispute Resolution Procedure can be found in the UAA Fact Finder/Student Handbook.

Student Dispute/Complaint Resolution Process

MSC students have a variety of procedures available to them to process complaints or disputes about actions or inaction by members of the College community that adversely affect them. The process used will depend on the nature of the complaint.

A complete copy of the Student Dispute/Complaint Resolution Process can be found in the UAA Fact Finder/Student Handbook.