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Mat-Su College, Alaska | Registration Guide

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    Before You Register


    Academic Planning

    Student Rights & Responsibilities


    Academic Deadlines

    Special Registration

    How to Register

    Changing Your Registration

    Exceptions to University Policy

    After You Register

    Tuition, Costs & Payment

    Financial Aid

    General information and procedures. 

    Before You Register


    Admissions Deadlines

    Students admitted to UAA degree programs are welcome to attend Mat-Su College without applying separately to MSC.

    Deadlines may be different for students applying for admission to UAA degree programs.

    UA Scholars may apply to any University of Alaska campus, including Mat-Su College, but they must apply by May 1 to be eligible to receive funds.

    MSC Admissions Deadlines
    Fall/Spring/Summer 2nd Friday of the semester
    (Add / Drop deadline)
    UAA Admission Deadlines

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    Academic Planning

    Academic & Career Advising

    Because requirements vary greatly among certificate and degree programs, students are strongly encouraged to meet with Advisors prior to entering a program or declaring a major, both to ensure that they understand the program requirements prior to registering for classes and to enable proper academic planning.

    Special services offered by Advisors include:

    • Disability Support Services
    • Veterans Services
    • Financial Aid
    • Career Development
    • Academic planning
    • iNotice

    For further information, phone 745-9762 or stop by Student Services in FSM 101.

    Make an appointment with an Advisor.

    Adult Basic Education

    Contact Nine Star at the Mat-Su Job Center for information on Adult Basic Education (ABE), GED preparation, and literacy:
    Westside Center, 877 Commercial Dr, Wasilla, AK 99654
    (907) 373-7833 or or

    Course Placement Testing

    If registering for the first time in English or mathematics courses, students must show evidence of appropriate placement. For mathematics course placement purposes, ACT, SAT, and Accuplacer scores are valid for one year from the date taken. Students may be required to provide proof of their placement scores on the first day of class. English and mathematics placement tests are administered through the MSC Learning Center. Contact the center for information on available placement tests and how to access student guides with sample questions.

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    Academic Deadlines

    See the Academic Deadlines page for registration dates and deadlines.

    Priority Registration Schedule

    For fall and spring registration, MSC follows a staggered priority schedule for the opening days of registration based on the student’s class standing. Class standing is determined by total credits earned. Students can check their standing in UAOnline on the “Check Your Registration Eligibility” screen.

    Registration will open at 12:01 a.m. to each group of students according to the schedule below.

    Sequence Class Standing Credits Earned
    1 Graduate Students
    2 Seniors 90+ credits
    3 Juniors 60-89 credits
    4 Sophomore 30-59 credits
    5 Freshman 1-29 credits
    6 New Applicants
    7 Open Registration (all students)
    Transfer students will be assigned class standing based
    on the number of credits accepted in transfer by the
    university. Non-degree-seeking students are not assigned
    a class standing.

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    Access to Registration


    Newly admitted degree-seeking students are given access to web registration within two days of submitting an application.

    Continuing students already admitted to a degree or certificate program have access to web registration if they have attended within the last five years.


    Non-degree-seeking students may also apply online and be given access to register on the web. Non-degree-seeking refers to students who are taking a class for personal interest, professional development, or recreation and who do not intend to work toward a degree or certificate program.

    Non-degree-seeking students who were enrolled in the previous semester courses have access to register for the next semester as non-degree-seeking students. All other non-degree-seeking students must submit an application for admission (no charge) prior to being given access to register for classes.

    Registration Restrictions

    In addition to prerequisites, registration restrictions are conditions a student must meet before enrolling in a course. Examples include, but are not limited to, admission requirements, special approval, level requirements, special licenses or credentials.

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    Special Registration

    By Proxy

    A student unable to register in person may have a proxy register for them if they provide the proxy with a signed Registration by Proxy form or other signed authorization to do so. A Registration by Proxy form is on the Forms* page or available from Student Services. The proxy must present a photo ID and must follow the policies and calendar governing registration. Proxy registrations are not accepted without written permission from the student. Spouses, parents and friends are required to have a signed authorization to register for another person, including secondary students.

    Secondary (High School) Student

    Secondary school applicants may be admitted on a semester-by-semester basis to non-degree-seeking status and may attend college courses by special permission. Applications for admission to MSC are available online and in Student Services. To complete the application process, secondary students must follow the registration guidelines listed on the Secondary Student* page, or in Chapter 6 of the MSC Catalog*.

    Late Registration

    You may still register for classes during the first two weeks of the semester. During week two of the semester instructor permission is required. Instructors must sign and date a Registration Changes form before you can be added to the class. Please discuss make up work and attendance expectations with your instructor when requesting permission to add a class after it has started. Instructors must sign and date a Registration Changes form or enter an override in UAOnline before you can be added to the class.

    Full Classes

    Registering into full classes is not allowed unless the instructor grants an overload with written permission. Check under “Look up classes to add” on UAOnline to find out if seats are available in a class.

    Instructor Approval

    Instructors may sign and date a Registration Change form to allow late registration into a class or permission to enroll in a full class. Instructors can also email written permission from their University issued email account or enter an approval code on UAOnline.

    Late Start Classes

    You may register for late start or short session classes until the class begins.

    Directed & Independent Study Classes

    A directed study course is a permanent catalog course delivered on an individual basis when the course is not offered that semester. A directed study requires the approval of the department concerned and final approval by the dean/director.

    An independent study course consists of topics or problems chosen by the student with the approval of the department concerned, with the supervision of an instructor, and final approval by the dean/director. These courses are not duplications of and must differ significantly from any catalog course. The independent study provides the opportunity for students who have completed most of the required courses in their program to study topics which are not offered.

    Find complete guidelines to registering for Directed or Independent Study classes in Chapter 6 of the MSC Catalog.*

    Short Session Deadlines

    Classes meeting for less than the full semester have deadlines as follows:

    Short Session Deadlines: Classes meeting for less than the full
    semester have deadlines as follows:
    Last day to drop and receive a 100% refund Start day of class plus 5 business
    days or regular refund deadline if
    class starts during week 1 of semester
    Last day to add a class 2nd day class meets
    Add requires faculty approval After class has met once
    Last day to withdraw Same as full semester classes unless grade already posted

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    Wait list FAQs

    What is wait listing?

    When a class reaches its maximum enrollment, it is listed as “closed.” Most courses offer a wait list option to allow you to wait for a seat in the class if someone drops.

    How do I get on a wait list?

    If you want to be added to the wait list for a closed class, select “wait list” from the drop down menu on the Registration screen at UAOnline and click Submit Changes. If you are registering in person, registration staff can put you on the wait list for any closed classes. If you no longer want to be wait listed for a class, you can drop from the wait list by following the instructions for dropping a course.

    View the complete Wait List FAQs.

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    How to Register

    Registration Instructions

    Registration is the process of signing up and paying for classes for a particular semester. Students may attend classes in a course offered at Mat-Su College only after they have properly completed the registration process for that course.

    How to register online…go to UAOnline

    1. Go to
    2. Select UAOnline
    3. Select: Login with PIN
    4. Enter your 8 digit UA ID number (3xxxxxxx)
      • same as your student ID number
      • if you do not know your student ID number, click on UAA next to Forgot UA ID Number?
      • do not use dashes
    5. Enter your 6 digit PIN
      • initially set to your birth date (enter as MMDDYY)
      • if “expired” create new password after logging in the first time and follow prompts
    6. Select Student Services & Account Information
    7. Select Registration
    8. Select Register/Add/Drop Classes
    9. Select the term, education, and goal level you are registering for, then click Continue.

    NOTE: To move forward you must read and acknowledge the Mandatory Payment Agreement page.

    1. Scroll down to the boxes and type in the 5 digit number (CRN) for each class you wish to take. Select Complete Registration Changes. If you see an error message, please click the OK square and look at the error message below your listed classes. The computer cannot enter you in a course that has errors.
    2. Select Complete Your Registration at the bottom of the page to see your charges.
    3. Once complete select EXIT at the top right.
    4.  Select Return to Homepage (for your data protection).

    Alternate Ways to Register…

    1. In person in Student Services (FSM 101)
    2. By faxing a registration form to 907-745-9747 or by mailing a registration form to Mat-Su College, Student Services, PO Box 2889, Palmer, AK 99645.

    See the Forms page for a paper version of the Registration form.

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    Changing Your Registration

    It is the responsibility of the student to become familiar with MSC policies, procedures and deadlines. Refer to the academic calendar at for specific deadlines. Add, drop, withdrawal, credit/no credit and audit deadlines for trimester courses and courses other than full semester-length will be prorated according to the length of the class. Students are expected to register only for course sections which they plan to attend and to complete all courses for which they register.

    Add, Drop, Withdrawal Deadlines

    See the Academic Deadlines page for current semester dates.

    The following registration activity deadlines pertain to traditional semester-length courses (15 weeks). Any course which is not either full term, first eight weeks, second eight weeks or trimester falls under miscellaneous. Students must complete business in person before 5p.m. of the deadline day or by 11:59 p.m. via UAOnline.

    Add classes or
    late registration
    1st week of semester 2nd week of semester After 2nd week
    of semester
    Faculty signature
    required if class is closed.
    Faculty signature
    Not permitted.
    drop or withdrawal
    Drop 1st-2nd week
    of semester
    Withdrawal 3rd-12th
    week of semester
    After 12th week
    of semester
    Forms filed by faculty
    member with Student
    Services. Course will
    not appear on student
    Forms filed by faculty
    member with Student
    Services. Course will
    appear on student
    transcript with grade
    of “W”.
     Not permitted.
    Drop or withdrawal Drop 1st-2nd week
    of semester
    Withdrawal 3rd-12th
    week of semester
     After 12th week
    of semester
    No faculty signature
    required. Course will not appear on student
    No faculty signature
    required. Course will
    appear on student
    transcript with a grade of “W”.
     Not permitted.

    For more information on student and faculty-initiated withdrawals, see Chapter 6 of the MSC Catalog.*

    Audit a Class

    Audit registrations are on a space-available basis. Auditors may be dropped from a class to make room for credit-seeking students. No credit is received for audited courses. Requirements for auditing the course are determined by the faculty. Faculty may withdraw students if they fail to comply with the agreed-upon terms. Students who audit courses are required to meet prerequisites, register and pay the same tuition as those who take the courses for credit. During the first and second weeks of the semester, audit-to-credit requires faculty signature. Audit-to-credit changes are not allowed after the second week of the semester. During weeks three through 12 of the semester, credit-to-audit changes require faculty signature. Credit-to-audit changes are not allowed after week 12 of the semester.

    Audited courses are not included in the computation of study load for full-time or part-time status. In addition, students may not request local credit-by-examination for an audited course until the following academic year.

    Change your Major

    Once formally admitted and in attendance, students may request a change of major or degree program to another program through the change of major/degree process. Students admitted initially in undeclared or pre-major status may also declare a major or degree program through this process. Students must meet the specific admission requirements of the desired program and must be formally accepted by signature of the dean or department chair. No fee is required for this process.

    Students who change their major or degree program must meet the catalog requirements in effect at the time of the change or the catalog in effect at the time of graduation. Exception: Students who change from pre-major to full major must meet the catalog requirements in effect at the time of initial admission to the pre-major or the catalog in effect at the time of graduation.

    Exceptions to University Policy for Records & Registration

    A student, or person with legal authority to act on behalf of a student, may petition for an exception to University policy for records and registration. Petitions are not automatically granted, but will be considered in light of the criteria set out below and individual circumstances, as demonstrated in the documentation provided.

    1. The petitioner must submit for review a signed petition and consent to release of information form, which is provided for this purpose. The form and petition must be submitted to the Director of Student Services, Mat-Su College, PO Box 2889, Palmer, AK 99645.
    2. Only petitions submitted by the student or by a person with legal authority to act on behalf of the student will be considered.
    3. A petition for exception must be received no later than one year following the semester in which the course was offered.
    4. Petitions that are not received within this time frame may not be considered.
    5. Decisions will be made solely on supporting documentation provided.
    6. A petition will only be approved if the petitioner can demonstrate unanticipated and unavoidable circumstances beyond the student’s control that arose or came to light after published deadlines. Work-related issues, financial hardship, and failure to read MSC’s documents generally do not present justifiable reasons to support an exception request.
    7. Granting of an exception to policy for withdrawal or dropping of courses does not necessarily mean a refund of tuition. Refund requests are forwarded to the Petition for Refund Committee for further review. Refunds for self-support classes are generally not allowed.
    8. Student fees are mandated by the Board of Regents cannot be petitioned for refund.
    9. Petitions will be reviewed periodically and the number of petitions being reviewed will determine the time for response. A minimum of six to eight weeks should be allowed for review.
    10. Appeals of an adverse decision must be in writing, must state the basis for the appeal, and must be received by the College Director within ten working days of the day the decision is mailed or otherwise distributed to the student. Appeals should be based on new information not available at the time of the original review, not simply because the student disagrees with the decision reached.

    Appeals may be faxed, delivered in person, or mailed to: College Director, Mat-Su College, PO Box 2889, Palmer, AK 99645.

    Complaints about dissatisfaction with academic courses, methods of course delivery or instructor performance are not considered under this process. Depending on the nature of the complaint, these matters are considered according to the Student Dispute/Complaint Resolution Process or the Academic Dispute Resolution Procedure, which can be found in the UAA Fact Finder/Student Handbook at

    See the Forms page for downloadable PDF version of petitions.

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    After You Register

    Check You Student E-mail

    All students registered for courses within the UAA system automatically have an email address that will be in the form

    Students enrolled in online and blended courses MUST utilize their UAA email accounts in order to receive course information sent out by their instructors.

    All communication related to registration and enrollment activities will occur through the official UAA-assigned email. Students should be careful to keep this account clear and review the correspondence received there regularly.

    For student computer account information, please contact the UAA Call Center @ 1-877-633-3888 or see the Email Help page for assistance.

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    What is Blackboard?

    Blackboard is an Internet-based course management tool used by many instructors to offer additional classroom resources, such as lecture notes, handouts, class discussions, and quizzes. If enrolled in a web-based course, Blackboard is probably the forum in which you will do most of your course work.

    Where do I get my Blackboard username and password?

    Look up your username at For your password contact the Call Center at 877-633-3888 or by email to

    Where is my Blackboard course located?

    How do I connect to it?

    Blackboard uses your username and password which are assigned to you by UAA IT Services. Your username is the first part of your MSC/UAA email address. After logging in, your course will be listed in the box entitled MY COURSES.

    See the Distance Ed Help page for more information.

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    Degree Works

    Students and advisers can monitor progress towards degree completion, track petitions and advising notes, and use the “What If” and “Look Ahead” features.

    Degree Works may be accessed through UAOnline under Student Services.

    Please follow these steps to login to DegreeWorks and view your personal degree audit:

    1. Login to Secured Area at If you are unable to login to UAOnline, please contact Enrollment Services at (907) 786-1480 for assistance.
    2. Under the ‘Student Services & Account Information’ tab, select the ‘DegreeWorks/Electronic Degree Audit (UAA only)’ link.

    To access Degree Works, go to UAOnline.

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