Please read the following:

  • Submit your Request form after you have finalized your schedule and registered for classes. Failure to submit this form in a timely manner will result in a delay of you VA benefits.
  • Submit Request form every semester before payment deadline.
  • Only classes that are applicable to your degree program can be reported to VA.
  • We cannot certify waitlisted classes. You must notify us once you are registered in the waitlisted class
  • If you have already completed this form and then added or dropped courses, please complete the VA Report of Change Form.
  • Submitting this form before you have finalized your schedule can result in adjustments to your certifications. Adjustments often cause underpayments, overpayments, and student debt with the VA.

Request to be Certified Form (PDF)

Request to be Certified Form (Fillable PDF)

Currently, there are three options to submit the form:

Download the PDF version of the form, fill out on your computer, save, and submit to:
Complete the Fillable PDF version of the form online, click the “Submit” button on the form, and email to:
Submit your Request for Change Form in-person at the Student Services office on campus.