Skype for Business is a powerful set of communication and collaboration tools available to UA faculty, students, and staff. Skype for Business integrates UAA’s state-of-the-art Cisco Voice-over-IP infrastructure with Microsoft’s Skype for Business technology. These tools are useful for on-the-go managers and administrators and provide “telecommuting” services for faculty wishing to hold virtual office hours, teach online and maintain contact with their students.

  • Instant Messaging
  • Audio/Video meetings
  • Content/Application sharing

Sign Up for Skype for Business

UA Students are also enabled for Skype for Business through the Office-365 service. (Getting started with Office-365)

Skype enabled meeting room

Skype is typically considered a personal online meeting tool; however, it can also be used to accommodate room based settings.

FSM-201 is currently setup to support audio and video Skype calls. Additional rooms will be equipped to support Skype meetings over the course of the summer.

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Which Skype should I use?

Skype for Business is for connecting with a co-worker or business associate.

Skype (free) is for connecting with your grandma, or chatting with friends while gaming.