Occupational Endorsement Certificates

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Mat-Su College has suspended admission of new students to the CIOS Occupational Endorsement Certificates for Office Support and Office Foundations. If you are a student admitted to a CIOS OEC program, please do not worry. You have one (1) year to complete the degree, and all courses required to complete the OEC will continue to be offered through the Spring 2020 semester.

Students currently enrolled in one of the OECs should have been contacted by Student Services to develop a completion plan. If you have not been contacted, please call Student Services at 907-745-9746 to schedule an appointment with an advisor.

New students interested in Microsoft Office skills should consider enrolling in CIS-A105 or CIS-A110. Kodiak College will continue to offer both OECs via distance delivery.

Occupational Endorsement Certificates

The Computer Information and Office Systems (CIOS) program offers career education leading to Occupational Endorsement Certificates (OECs) in Office Support and Office Foundations. The CIOS OECs prepare students for career entry or advancement while developing and refining lifelong learning skills, fostering flexible career path options and building confidence to adapt to new technological demands in the workplace.

The CIOS program prepares entry-level, experienced, or workforce re-entry level office workers to successfully engage in business office environments where communication, technical, organizational, interpersonal, and teamwork skills are essential to business success. CIOS courses also cover topics that help prepare students for Microsoft Office and Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) certification examinations.

Career pathways include

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Account Executive
  • Human Resources Coordinator
  • Office Assistant
  • Office Manager
  • Receptionist or Information Clerk
  • Records Specialist
  • Sales Support Specialist
  • Senior Executive Assistant


CIOS Skill Center (Link)

CIOS AAS Degree Program

Admission to the AAS in CIOS is currently suspended for new applicants.  Please refer to our FAQ's below for more information regarding this program change.

CIOS AAS Degree Program Suspension

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the CIOS degree being deleted?
A: Yes. It is being deleted as a degree option at Mat-Su College. New admissions to the major are
suspended. Current majors will continue taking courses to complete their degree.
Q: What do current majors need to do?
A: CIOS AAS majors must meet with an academic advisor to establish a graduation plan and then follow
up regularly, as recommended below, to ensure that they complete the degree within the five-year limit
on admission to the program.
No new admissions to the major will be accepted. Students whose five-year admission to the degree
program has expired will not have the option of readmission to the CIOS AAS major.
There will be regular outreach to current majors to inform them of course schedules and help them
track their progress toward the degree. Majors have a responsibility to read and respond to
communication from Mat-Su College and to register for required courses in the major.
Q: Should students consider changing their catalog year to accommodate changes in the program?
A: Students have the right to graduate under the catalog year of their choice (within University policy).
Students are encouraged to consult with an advisor to determine which catalog year is best for them.
Q: Is Mat-Su College offering courses to accommodate students with different catalog years?
A: Course offerings always reflect curriculum as published in the current catalog. However, part of the
planning process when curriculum is updated involves identification of equivalent curriculum and
appropriate substitutions. If a course from an older catalog is no longer offered, appropriate
substitutions are approved via the academic petition process so that students can complete the degree
requirements for their catalog year.
Q: Will students be notified of future changes to the course plan?
A: Yes. CIOS AAS majors will be notified via e-mail when key courses will be offered. All students are
encouraged to meet regularly with their advisor. Majors are responsible for completing required courses
for which they are qualified when those courses are offered.
Q: How often should CIOS AAS majors see their advisor?
A: It is suggested that students meet with their advisor at the beginning of the semester and before
registering for the next semester to stay on track.
Q: Is DegreeWorks an accurate source for program planning?
A: The information DegreeWorks provides is accurate, but DegreeWorks does not provide all
information that is relevant to program planning (for example, see the next question). Moreover, when
there are options with respect to how a particular course is applied to degree requirements,
DegreeWorks may not apply the credit in the way each student prefers. Therefore, it is important to
confer with an advisor.
Q: Does DegreeWorks display petition options for courses?
A: No. DegreeWorks records successful petitions after they have been approved. It does not list possible
petitions. Students should consult an academic advisor.
Q: How often will particular courses that majors need be offered?
A: The demand for particular courses will be evaluated on an ongoing basis, to determine the number of
majors who need the course and have completed the prerequisites. Courses will become available as a
cohort of majors is approaching the requirement.
Q: Who are the college advisors for students earning the AAS degree in the CIOS?
A: Students enrolled in the CIOS AAS degree are encouraged to request an appointment with an academic
advisor. Appointments can be made by calling 907-745-9762.