Special Event Spotlight

Northrim Bank Lecture Series presents:

"Demographic Challenges of Alaska's Economic Future"

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Ralph Townsend - Director of ISER at UAA

Tuesday, February 12 at the Glenn Massay Theater

Reception with light refreshments- 6pm
Keynote Presentation - 7pm

This event is FREE and open to the public


Did you know Alaska has the highest healthcare costs in the country?

Find out what research and big data tell us about the stakes for Alaska's Economic Future.

 Alaska Healthcare Spending in Billions of Dollars: 1991=$1.5, 2005=$4.8, 2014=$8.2
 Growth in Healthcare Spending in AK and US (Average Annual Growth from 1991-2014; AK 7.8%, US 6.0%) AK 1992=1.07, 2000=1.97, 2005=3.27, 2010=4.47, 2014=5.59; US 1992=1.08, 2000=1.71, 2005=2.51, 2010=3.25, 2014=3.79

Healthcare spending per person in AK and US: AK-1991=$2,558, 2005=$7,145, 2014=$11.064; US-1991=$2,672, 2005=$5,740, 2014=$8,045