Training Costs

Estimated CNA Training and Licensing Costs as of 2021-2022

To become a Certified Nurse Aide:

  • Pass a two-stage background check
  • Successfully complete an approved course that prepares you to sit for the State of Alaska Licensing Exam
  • Successfully complete the State of Alaska Certified Nurse Aide Competency Licensing Exam
  • High school graduation or GED equivalent is not required for state licensing, may be required by some employers

CNA Training Costs

Item Estimated Cost
Tuition and Fees $ 1,628.20
Books $      46.00
ACCUPLACER Exam  $      21.00
Scrubs $      65.00
Fingerprints* (tax not included) $      41.00
Background Check* $      88.25
Total $  1,899.45 

* Paid directly to the State-Approved provider.

In addition to the investment amounts listed above, there are one-time costs to obtain a CNA license in the State of Alaska. These are paid directly to the state licensing authorities at the time of application for your licensing exam.

Licensing Fees

Item Estimated Cost
Nonrefundable Application $   100.00
License $   100.00
Fingerprinting Processing $     75.00
Alaska CNA Licensing Exam $     55.00

For more information on the State of Alaska Certified Nurse Aide Competency Licensing Exam, visit the Nurse Aid Registry website.