Commencement 2020

congratulations graduates class of 2020

Congratulations graduates class of 2020


You've worked hard to earn your degree. We here at Mat-Su College are proud of all the hard work that has led you to this tremendous accomplishment.

We know there are new challenges affecting your lives, and that includes having a traditional graduation ceremony. Mat-Su College wants to celebrate your special moment, and so we are hosting an Online Commencement Ceremony, which will include video messages from College Director, Dr. Talis Colberg, MSC faculty and staff, as well as conferring your hard-earned degrees. Congratulations on your achievements and good luck with the next step! 

Commencement Program Schedule

   0:06 - Welcome Message from College Director, Dr. Talis Colberg
  3:27 - Presentation of Graduates
18:02 - Acceptance of the Class of 2020, Sheri Buretta, UA Board of Regents
19:05 - Faculty and Staff Congratulatory Messages

Honor Cords

Graduates receiving academic honors normally wear a gold honor cord during commencement and is noted on their transcript. Academic honors are represented by gold cords in this year's digital presentation.


We recognize graduating veterans or active duty military for service with a special red, white, and blue honor cord that is featured in this year's video.

Graduating Class of 2020

Associate of Arts Degree
Shelby C. Acree
Lidiya K. Antonova
Brittany L. Barber
Caleb N. Beauvais
Todd K. Beranek
Stephanie M. Boyle
Christina L. Brown
Jordan A. Campbell
Moriah J. Chambers
Makai Chapman
Kayley M. Clinch
Anna K. Daniels
Sean A. Deal
Angela S. Dickinson
Avery L. Easley
Kristina L. Estilette
Sommer R. Florian
Gregory A. Foldenauer
Daniel N. Fonov
Amber L. Ford
Mariah Fry
Benjamin S. Fujimoto
Michael C. Gause
Dana Gergilevich
Drake Halfacre
Richard J. Hamlin
Garic A. Hayes
Riley A. Haynes
Madison G. Hazen
Christopher G. Hinther
Emmalee A. Howell
Edward B. Huseman
Alexis N. Kerst
Anna I. Kharyton
Kalista A. King-Bull
Zackery D. Kirsch
Dylan A. Klebesadel
Anne C. Kudyba
Nathan M. Lashlee
Helen A. Maidenrath
Grace L. Meyer
Kaitlynn E. Miller
Cassaundra S. Moeller
Bryan A. Ouellette
Garrett J. Pace
Dietrich T. Pancake
Melanie L. Pearce
Jazlynn L. Pease
Ashley M. Phillips
Brianna W. Powell
Makenna B. Rahm
Raul A. Reutov
Arnold Richardson
Kari S. Rodriguez
Renee K. Romer
Rebecca R. Rossing
Jonathon P. Royce
Salesia L. Rush
Chelsea K. Saputski
Steven J. Schuler
Barbara E. Sikvayugak
Savanna L. Simmerman
Rebekah L. Smith
Sean M. Smith
Hilary J. Stark
Natasha F. Talvi
Andrea R. Toston
Marie D. Turner
Rylee A. Walker
Sarah C. Walker
Edward Watrus
Natelie A. Weimer 

Associate of Applied Science, Accounting

Caroline M. Henn
Jody E. Rossing
Jodi Sweeney

Associate of Applied Science, Computer Systems Technology

Gregory A. Naatz
Nathaniel J. Henney
Joseph P. Fisher
Jacob E. Sherburne

Associate of Applied Science, General Business

Amira Chettfour
Willie L. Copeland III
Kaitlyn D. Corneliussen
Claire J. Curran
Caroline M. Henn
Dawson L. Miller
Evelyn K. Myree
Max J. Nicholson
James E. Shuey

Associate of Applied Science, Human Services

Michael A. Consalo
Vincent A. Feuilles
Carrie Jelle
Gregory A. Lytle
Terrance N. Szafraniec Jr.

Associate of Applied Science, Paramedical Technology

Tyler R. Belk
Molly D. Etters
Colton L. Fankhauser
Holly A. Garcia
Jennifer M. Hales
Daniel T. Pempel
Zachary A. Pettit
Nicholas Pierson
Kaleb A. Self

Associate of Applied Science, Refrigeration and Heating

Edward C. Ruggles

Associate of Applied Science, Small Business

Julia D. Wallace

Certificate in Heating and Refrigeration

Chad E. Healy

Occupational Endorsement Certificate in Commercial Refrigeration

Christian D. Hietala

Occupational Endorsement Certificate in Office Foundations

Elizabeth Lissner
Summer L. Walling

Occupational Endorsement Certificate in Veterinary Assisting

Jessica R. Brevard
Katelyn A. Clark
Caile M. Dosser
Ethan W. Ferguson
Emily J. Grasser
Stacy A. Gross
Joseph S. Heintzman
Nicole J. LeDonne
Maddysen Meeks
Alesia V. Skobeleva
Rebecca L. Standal
Della A. Tryon