Early Alerts and Progress Reports in EAB Navigate  

Progress reports are an early alert system designed to provide students timely feedback of instructor concerns about attendance, engagement, and/or academic performance at key points during the term. Progress Reports trigger an email to students so they can make informed decisions in accordance with academic dates and deadlines. 

Additionally, please note that Not Attending Class or Engagement Issuesand Enrollment Action Recommendedwill all create a Case within Navigate that will be reviewed and addressed by the Office of Student Success. All other alert reasons provide alerts to your student only

Faculty can issue an alert through a Progress Report Campaign sent by the UAA Office of Student Success or any time through an Ad Hoc “Issue an Alert” in EAB Navigate.

Examples of Alert Reasons

  • Examples of Alert Reasons

    Low Scores on Assignments/Tests - Referral for tutoring 

    Engaged but missing some Assignments/Tests 

    Not Attending Class or Engagement Issues 

    Enrollment Action Recommended 

    Non-Academic Concerns 

    No Concerns - Student is Engaged and Performing Well!

  • Steps to Issuing an Ad Hoc Alert
    1. Log in to Navigate:
    2. Toggle to “Professor Home” 
    3. Navigate to the Students In My Courses box
    4. Check the box in front of the student’s name 
    5. Click the Actions drop-down menu directly above the list of students and select “Issue an Alert” 
    6. Select an Alert Reason 
    7. Please provide any comments you may have about the student progress in the class.


    Please Note: The information you enter concerning a student is protected by FERPA. Students have a right to view the information that you submit if requested. 

  • Questions or Departmental Training Requests 

    or Joseph Bruner, Student Success Specialist (

    or Mariana Weatherby, Mat-Su College contact (

  • Self-Serve Resources > Faculty/Staff Resources > Seawolf Tracks Training Library > ? on top right toolbar > Help Center & Support Links