Seating at the Glenn Massay Theater will be limited. Reservations are not needed and seats are taken on a first arrival basis. Overflow seating will be provided in the theater lobby to watch the ceremony on monitors.

Event Timeline


Pre-Commencement Information

  • TBA

Commencement Information

  • Rehearsal from 1:00pm–2:00pm
  • Check-in at 6pm
    • Individual photograph (optional) taken between 6:00pm-6:25pm 
    • Group photograph (compliments of MSC) taken at 6:30 pm (SHARP)
  • Graduates line up for Processional at 7:15pm 
  • Commencement ceremony begins at 7:30pm 
  • Reception for graduates and guests will immediately follow the ceremony in the theater’s lobby.

Honor Cords

Graduates receiving academic honors wear a gold honor cord during commencement and is noted on their transcript. Eligible graduates will receive an email with instructions on picking up their honor cords before commencement. For a more detailed description refer to the UAA Catalog under “Graduation with Honors


We would like to recognize graduating veterans or active duty military for your service with a special honor cord. Please visit Campus Cache during business hours to reserve yours.

Additional Information

  • Diplomas will not be inside diploma covers. It will take a few weeks to calculate grades for graduates who have just finished finals. Graduates will receive an email from Student Services when diplomas are printed and ready for pick-up/delivery.

  • Conferring of degrees at the ceremony is provisional, pending verification that all degree requirements have been met.


Honors Notations
Magna Cum Laude *
Suma Cum Laude #
Cum Laude ~
Honor Cords ^

Associate of Applied Science

Heather Ash
Cole Abarr
Nathaniel Ayuluk
Adam Beaver~
Eldridge Bradley
Misty Caulkins~
Lyndzy Christianson
Jacob Comeau
Kaitlyn Corneliussen
Gerardo Day
Megan Decker~
Alexandrea Doty
Sarah Dunston
Christian Elsholz
Charlotte Fox
Randy Gilliam
Tyler Hall
Cody Herron Webb~
Tracy Hill
Kenneth Hoffman*
Gunnar Ihde~
Dawn Jones
Daniel Jost
Alan Kennedy
Jacqueline Libby*
Richard Martin
Aaron Mason
Connor McIntire~
John McIntosh II
Autumn Merrill~
Marc Milkovich
Nathan Mitchell~
Vallary Ann Aguilar Mongar
Andrew Natekin*
Danya Nicketa
Brett Nye
Nikia Pepper*
Alexis Peterson
Ryan Raben
Caitlin Remmer
Samantha Rose
Laurel Seals
Joseph Starbuck
Kirstie Starr-Watson~
Rose Stecher
Robert Wensel~

Associate of Arts

Cynthia Baker~
Alexander Baughman
Amy Baxter*
Susann Bergstrom#
Izabella Block*
Alyssa Bolog
Ekaterina Bondarenko*
Heather Bowell
Anna Bradshaw~
Makayla Branson
Matthew Busby-Smith~
Aaliyah Carus
Elijah Cook
Sabrina Coombs*
Kayla Cornejo
Veronica Couch
Chloe Cummins
Breann Denton
Chrysta Dillard
Arriana Doty
Samuel Dunny
Brennan Easley
Caleb England
Noelle Flodin#
Yeimy Francisco
James Fuller
Gillian Galloway
Simon Ganchenko
Racheal Garcia
Datarah Glashan
Jessica Gookin
Rory Hamel~
David Harding*
Rose Hendrickson*
Alexis Hinther
Rees Howell
Trinity Humphreys
Brandon Hurst*
Samantha Hutchinson
Brittany Johnson~
Daryl Johnson
Toni Jones
Rylee Keller~
Kyndle Kirby
Kyle Kowalski
Michelle Kurtz*
Claudia Lindner*
Emily Manthey*
Mickenzie Maxwell
Benjamin Meeks~
Leah Morgan-Carroll
Chantel Nelson
Kyra Nieto
Ethan O'Brien
Wendy Palin
David Pease
Kaila Phillips
Daniel Potter
Rhiana Reints~
Sidney Richards
Autumn Richardson~
Megan Rossing~
Gerrit Schaafsma
Tyler Schweigert
Audrey Scruggs
Mikael Sherman
Eve Shipman~
Mykel Siegrist~
Forrest Sikes
Juliana Smit
Anna Stout*
Erin Studer
Delta Summitt
Christina Traeger*
Serita Unin
Jane VanGorder
Rebecca Vaughan
Joshua Weeks
Nigel West
Aiden White
Andrew White*

Summer 2019 Graduates

Daniel Ayers
Tanner Barclay
Avery Easley
Mariah Fry
Autumn Johnson
Trinity Johnson
Miles Laughlin
Brittney Willeford


Cordell Haynes
Cody Milner

Occupational Endorsement Certificates

Jessica Culver
Annika Friese
Hayley Graff
Casandra Gulsvig
Hayley Heafer
Mercedes Houlton
Ashley Huhndorf
Stevie Malaski
Elizabeth Marsh
Ramanda Stowers
Rachael Vantrease

Graduates from other campuses 

Calla Christensen
Heather Deadmond
Kaylee Gifford
Chantell Helm
Heather Ramirez-Nunn
Renita Reedy-Smith
Shelbie Shoemake
Andrew Spencer
Karen Tri
Natalie Tucker
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Arts
Occupational Endorsement Certificate
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Business Administration
Associate of Applied Science
Associate of Arts
University of Alaska Southeast
UAA College of Arts & Sciences
UAA College of Health
UAS College of Education
University of Alaska Southeast
UAA College of Arts & Sciences
UAA College of Arts & Sciences
UAA College of Business/Public Policy
Kodiak College
Kenai Peninsula College