The MSC Fine Arts Department provides classes in General Art, Music, Theatre, Community Education Art and Interior Design.

Classes in this Department include:

  • Art (ART)
  • Dance (DNC)
  • Humanities (HUM)
  • Interior Design (ID)
  • Music (MUS)
  • Theater (THR)

2017 High School Art Portfolio Contest

First Place and winner of  a two semester tuition scholarship:
River Parpana (Palmer High)
Second Place and winner of a six credit tuition scholarship:
Leah McCabe (Soldotna High School)
Third Place: Sarah Clark (Colony High School) – Certificate of Achievement


Full Time Faculty

Room: FSM 210
Phone: 907-745-9755
Desimini, Dr. Felicia
Assist Professor of Art
Faculty Coordinator

Ph.D., Union Institute and University, 2011
M.F.A., Goddard College, 2004
B.F.A., New Hampshire Institute of Art, 2001


  • Fine Arts

Spring Hours:

Tues & Wed: 12:00-1:00P

Adjunct Faculty

Email Address
Aube, Dr. Meggie
Barton, John
Esary, Charles
Isley, Jason
Laucius, Barbara
Stamoolis, Naomi
Urroz, Karen