08 Apr

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Apr. 12, 10:30 AM – Noon, Glenn Massay Theater lobby,

The regular practice of Tai Chi can strengthen muscles, improve balance, and reduce stress. Tai Chi focuses on slow movements through a series of forms or movements. There are many styles of Tai Chi. In this introductory class, participants will learn some movements from China’s rare Wudang Zhaobao He-style TaiJi Quan (Tai Chi). The roots of this style trace back to the Flower Mountain Hidden Immortal Lineage (Hua Shan Yin Xian Pai). This system of TaiJiQuan has 75 Forms which are connected to the YiJing (I Ching), the ancient Classic of Change. Instructors will lead you in an exploration of the different patterns of change through these physical movements/forms. These practices will guide you in the release of tension and enhance your inner awareness bringing about a harmonious state of being.