Dance For All

The purpose of this club is to spread the knowledge of dance and to teach dance.

Meeting times:

TBD for Spring 2015

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Richard Hamlin, Club President
Katelyn Jordan, Club Representative
K. Joey Pavia-Jones, Club Advisor


If you are interested in joining this club, please CLICK HERE and choose Dance Club**!

**Please provide the type of dance you are interested in learning in the “comments” section.

Vice President

Assume role of President in absence
Facilitate dissemination of information through campus media
Initiate and coordinate all fund raising activities


Keep minutes of meetings
Keep accurate and updated roster of all participants in DC
Notify club members of future events including, but not limited to: meetings and other group activities


All accounting and purchasing policies, procedures, and regulations of UAA will be followed
Maintain all funds in a University Account
Keep a ledger tracking all expenditures and revenue
Be aware of proper procedures for accessing money in the account

Club Representative

Attend Club Council Meetings, perform all club council related activities, and report to the DC on club council activities

Public Relations

Keep bulletin board updated
Spread word of DC
Recruit new members
Note: This is an optional office to be appointed by the president