Mat-Su College is a community campus of the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA), and shares the UAA mission of providing open access to higher education for all students.

Applying for admission is your first step in becoming a college student, and the admission office at Mat-Su College is here to help. Contact us for assistance with application requirements, Alaska residency, Advanced Placements credits, postponing your degree or changing your major.

Admission Policies

The UAA Catalog outlines policies regarding admission requirements and student rights and responsibilities in the admission process. Please follow this link to review the General Admission Policies and Information section before applying.

Cross-campus Enrollment

If you are pursuing a degree program offered by the Anchorage campus or another UA campus, you do not need to reapply to a Mat-Su College degree program to attend classes at Mat-Su College. Students admitted to other UA campuses are welcome to enroll in classes at Mat-Su College.

Apply for Admission

Anyone who wants to take classes must first be admitted. When applying for admission, we ask you to choose an application type based on your educational objectives and academic goals.  For example, you can:

Choose an undergraduate degree-seeking application if you are taking classes to earn a degree, certificate or occupational endorsement certificate. Degree-seeking students may be eligible for financial aid and there is a non-refundable fee of $40.

Choose a non-degree-seeking application if you are taking classes for the purpose of personal or professional enhancement and do not want to pursue a certificate or degree. Non-degree-seeking students are not eligible for financial aid.  There is no application fee.

Choose an MSC secondary school student application if you are attending 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade and are planning to take classes with us while continuing high school or you are a Tech Prep student enrolling for concurrent credit.

International applicants will need to apply through the Anchorage campus of UAA. Please refer to UAA International Student Services page for more information.

You will also need to choose a program of study (major).  Review detailed information on the degree programs, certificates, and occupational endorsements offered at Mat-Su College under Academic Programs

Admission Deadline

You must apply for admission by the semester’s ADD/DROP deadline which is at the end of the second week of each semester.

 Although we accept applications through the add/drop deadline, if you are a degree-seeking student we strongly recommend applying several months before the start of the semester you plan to start college.  Applying early allows sufficient time for processing, placement testing, and advising before registration and helps ensure a successful start to college life.

Admission Requirements

After submitting an application for admission, you will need to submit required transcripts.  Requirements vary depending on whether you are considered a first-time freshman or a transfer student.  Review requirements and how to submit them to us on the Apply Now page along with detailed instructions for applying with our online application available at UAOnline.

Admission Forms

Access Admission Forms for paper forms associated with the admission process including a paper version of the application for admission if you choose to apply in person rather than through UAOnline.