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  • Registration Information

    • Newly admitted degree-seeking students are given access to web registration within two days of submitting an application.
    • Continuing students already admitted to a degree or certificate program have access to web registration if they have attended within the last year.
    • Degree-seeking students who have had a break in attendance of one year or more may be eligible to update their admission status rather than re-applying. Submitting the Request for Admission Update form will allow students to update their admission status and gain access to web registration. The Update form is available on the web or in the back of the schedule.
    • Non-degree-seeking Students

    Non-degree-seeking students may submit the Non-Degree Seeking Application for Admission and be given access to register on the web. Non-degree seeking refers to students who are taking a class for personal interest, professional development, or recreation and who do not intend to work toward a degree or certificate program. All non-degree seeking students, regardless of whether they attended previously or not, must submit an application for admission prior to being given access to register for classes.

    • Go to Admission for Non-Degree seeking Students.
    • Go to UA Online.
    • Take an assessment test (ACCUPLACER).
    • Meet with an academic advisor.
    • Read the Course Schedule – either online or in printed copy. The student is responsible for knowing the information concerning his/her courses and billing. Course changes do occur – check the updated course schedule in Student Services (FSM 101).
    • Obtain permission for restricted classes, time conflicts and course overloads.
    • Plan your class schedule – including alternate class choices.

    Registering Online

    • Go to UA Online.
    • Select Login to Secured Area.
    • Enter your 8 digit User ID number (same as your “student” number, formerly your SSN).
    • Enter your 6 digit PIN (initially set to your birth date – enter as MMDDYY – if “expired” create new password after logging in the first time and follow prompts).
    • Select Student Services.
    • Select Register.
    • Select Register/Add/Drop Classes.
    • Select the term you are registering for then click Submit.
    • Scroll down to the boxes and type in the 5 digit number (CRN) for each class you wish to take. Select Submit Changes. (If you see an error message, please click OK and look at the error message below your listed classes. The computer cannot enter you in a course that has errors.)
    • Select Complete Your Registration at the bottom of the page to see your charges.
    • Once complete select EXIT at the top right.
    • Select Return to Homepage (for your data protection).

    Wait List Option

    When a class is full, it is listed as “closed.” Most courses offer a wait list option. If you want to be added to the wait list for a closed class, select “wait list” from the drop down menu on the Registration screen at UAOnline and click Submit Changes. If you are registering in person, registration staff can put you on the wait list for most closed classes.

     Wait List Instructions

    (updated 10/31/12)

    Wait List F.A.Q.’s

    What is wait listing?

    When a class reaches its maximum enrollment, it is listed as “closed.” to wait for a seat in the class if someone drops.

    How do I get on a wait list?

    If you want to be added to the wait list for a closed class, select “wait list” from the drop down menu on the Registration screen at  UAOnline and click Submit Changes. If you are registering in person, registration staff can put you on the wait list for any closed classes. If you no longer want to be waitlisted for a class, you can drop from the wait list by following the instructions for dropping a class.

    Can I wait list for a course usig the Class Schedule Search in UAOnline?

    No, you cannot waitlist for a course from the Class Schedule Search page.  To wait list for a course, click on Register/Add/Drop Classes on the Student Services tab in UAOnline and enter the Course reference Number(s) (CRN) in the Add Classes Worksheet section.  Then, select ‘Wait List’ from the drop down menu next to each course.

    What happens next?

    If space becomes available in a class and your name is at the top of the wait list, you will receive an auto-generated email sent to your PREFERRED email account. You can find out or change your preferred email by checking UAOnline under the Personal Information Menu. The email will instruct you to register for the class through UAOnline within a certain amount of time (generally, 48 hours from the time the email is auto-generated).

    What if I miss the email or cannot register within the time allowed?

    If you do not register within 48 hours of the auto-generated email being sent (or the amount of time stated in the email), the system removes you from the wait list, and the next student is given the opportunity to register. You may add yourself back onto the wait list and you will be notified again by email when a space becomes available.

    What are the restrictions on wait listing?

    You will not be able to add yourself to a class wait list if:

    • you have holds on your account
    • you are enrolled or wait listed for another class that meets at the same time and day
    • you do not meet the prerequisites or other restrictions for the class
    • your course load (with the wait listed class included) would exceed the maximum number of credits allowed for the semester

    Am I charged tuition while on the wait list?

    You are not charged for a wait-listed class until you are actually enrolled in it. You may complete registration and pay tuition and fees for other classes in which you are enrolled.

    How do I know what place I am in on the wait list?

    When you originally register for the class a small number pops up which indicates your current spot on the wait list.  Keep checking your preferred email for notification of your opportunity to register.

    Should I attend the first day of my wait list classes?

    Attend the first day of class for any classes for which you have been wait listed. Let the instructor know you are on the wait list but not enrolled in the class.

    What if I’m on the waitlist for a distance education class?

    If you are on the wait list for a distance education class, email the instructor and ask to be added to the class as a “guest.” That way you can view the class in Blackboard and keep up with assignments while you are waiting to be enrolled in the class.

    How long should I wait for a space to open in a class?

    You can add yourself to a wait list until the semester begins. The waitlist end date is posted on the academic calendar found on the Mat-Su College web page. After the waitlist end date, you will need the instructor’s permission to enroll into a closed class. Being on the wait list prior to this date will not guarantee you a spot in the class. During the second week of the semester, all classes are considered closed and faculty permission is required before you may be added to a class.

    What about fee payment and financial aid for wait listed classes?

    • You are not charged tuition and fees for wait-listed classes. Charges apply only after you are actually enrolled in the class.
    • Wait listed classes are not included in the total number of credits used to calculate your financial aid
    • If financial aid has already been applied to your account and you subsequently enroll in a class from the wait list, tuition and fees are due on the day you add the class. You must pay tuition and fees before the payment deadline to avoid late charges.
    • If it appears you won’t get into the wait listed class by the published last day to pay tuition and fees, you must immediately pay for any class you are enrolled in to avoid late charges

    Need assistance? Call Student Services at 745-9746