admin services

Administrative Services provides professional and efficient services that fulfill the purchasing, contract administration, asset management, mail operation, copy center, central supply, and shipping/receiving needs of our faculty, staff, students, and vendors. Our staff is committed to providing a high level of quality services to all college departments. The proficient delivery and receipt of time sensitive materials is critical to the operations and goals of each academic and administrative department. The Administrative Services staff work to obtain the best value for the college, in accordance with established rules and regulations, to support the college’s purpose.

Administrative Services    Phone: 907-745-9705     Fax: 907-745-9711

The following offices make up the department of Administrative Services:

Business Services: Includes Accounts Payable, Travel, Payroll, Property, Procurement, and Cash Disbursements.

Human Resources & Employment: Information for job applicants and new or existing employees.

Campus Cache: Payments due to the Mat-Su College, or any UA Campus for tuition & fees, books & supplies, all testing fees, library fines and parking citations can be made through the Cashier in the Campus Cache. A small selection of textbooks are available beginning a week before each semester.

Copy CenterThe Copy Center is responsible for providing all copy services as requested, as well as mail services.