copy center

The MSC copy center and mailroom are located in JKB 110, right next door to the Campus Cache. The copy center is staffed with a Copy Center Technician who is responsible for providing all copy services as requested.

Paper, Supplies, and Service

To request paper or supplies, please fill out a copy request form, via either hard copy or email, and place your order in the “Special Instructions” box on the form.

Click below for pricing and availability:




Policies & Procedures

Download the Copy Center Policies & Procedures document below:

Policies & Procedures (PDF)

Hardcopy Request

To submit a hardcopy request, fill out a Copy Center Request Form which specifies your exact needs and helps us verify the accuracy of your order.

Copy Center Request Form (PDF)

Copy Center Request Form (Word)

Please print out and complete, then submit along with your originals to the Copy Center. Additional forms are also available at the Copy Center.

Email Request

Fill out one of the enterable forms below and attach it along with your document needing copied in an email addressed to:

Copy Center Request Form (PDF)

Copy Center Request Form (Word)

Mailroom Information

If you receive a package, there will be a notification slip in your mailbox. To pick up oversized packages and copy requests you may need to show picture ID.

The outgoing mail slot is intended for official college business; we are not responsible for personal mail.

Please make an effort to remember your mailbox number, key or combination. You may be asked for picture ID. If you give out the key or combination to your mailbox, you accept full responsibility for any problems that arise and the Copy Center will be released from all responsibility for the security of your mailbox.

Miller, Alice
Campus Services Technician
Phone: 907-745-9739 Opt. 4
Phone 2: Internal ext. 33074
Office: Copy Center