Logo, Mascot and Graphic Standards

Mat-Su College (MSC) has rules designed to protect the integrity of the MSC logo and graphic standards to promote the quality and consistency of college publications.

MSC’s visual identity in college publications such as web pages, brochures, print advertising and stationery is a direct result of consistent use of these graphic standards. Having a set of design standards also makes the production of new materials easier, faster and less costly.

The MSC logo and mascot images are Trademarked.  If you need more information or have questions about college logo, masot and graphic standards, please contact the Marketing & Communications Department.

Logo Font:
Trebuchet MS

Logo Colors:
Blue Mountain
RGB 64-99-161
CMYK 85-56-3-0
PMS 661

Blue Text
RGB 20-33-51
CMYK 21-22-14-96
PMS 296

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mat su college logo




MSC dragon mascot




small dragon mascot