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Mat-Su College, Alaska | The Learning Center

    Phone: 907-745-9772
    Location: OLB 121

    Regular Hours
    M T W F 8:30a-7:30p
    R 8:30a-8:00p

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  • Testing Services

    Mat-Su College offers many different testing services in the Learning Center:

    • ACCUPLACER placement testing
    • Distance education
    • CLEP
    • DSST
    • PearsonVUE
    • Praxis

    Students may schedule test appointments online by clicking on the link below.  Hours for testing vary according to the type of test.

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    Tutoring Resources:

    Tutoring: The Elizabeth J. Fallon Learning Center offers tutoring for students enrolled in MSC courses in the following categories:

    • math
    • biology
    • American Sign Language
    • courses requiring papers 

    Tutor schedules: Tutor hours vary each semester and are subject to change.  Hours of availability for the current semester are posted outside the tLC and on this web site.

    Rosetta-Stone Language software:  Programs are available for student use in Room C. Students should contact the front desk of the Learning Center (745-9713) to schedule a time to use these programs.

    Computer stations: 

    • Two stations dedicated to online tutoring services at are available for student use. Because MSC tutors have limited hours and some courses do not have tutors, students may receive online tutoring through at two computers in the Learning Center. This tutoring is paid for by the state libraries and is free for Alaskans.
    • Five stations are reserved for students in the process of writing papers for their MSC courses. Students often use these computers in combination with visiting a writing tutor.
    Card swipe sign-in: New to the Learning Center, the card swipe machine streamlines the sign-in procedures. Students may swipe their Wolfcards or type in their student ID numbers.

    Textbooks, videos, and other resources: Students should ask a tutor or the front desk clerk for the use of sample textbooks or training videos. Online and local resources may also be recommended.

    Tutor Hours


    Make an Appointment


    Geraldine Klapak – ASL

    Joey Pavia-Jones – MATH & BIOLOGY

    Kitty Underbakke – MATH

    Luke Grabarek – MATH

    Brendan Flynn – MATH

    Christine Kendrick – WRITING

    Andrea Hackbarth – WRITING

    Test Proctors

    Susan Elwell

    Ann Meyer

    Jennifer Baty

    CLICK HERE for Faculty Resources

    Bare, JannaTLC Manager Phone: 907-745-9713
    Office: The Learning Center
    Responsible for overseeing all tutoring and testing activities in the Learning Center.
    Baty, JenniferTest Proctor Phone: 907-745-9713
    Office: The Learning Center
    Elwell, SusanProctor Phone: 907-745-9713
    Office: The Learning Center
    Flynn, BrendanMath Tutor Phone: 907-745-9713
    Office: The Learning Center
    Hackbarth, AndreaWriting Tutor Phone: 907-745-9713
    Office: The Learning Center
    Kendrick, ChristineWriting Tutor Phone: 907-745-9713
    Office: The Learning Center
    Klapak, GeraldineAmerican Sign Language Tutor Phone: 907-745-9713
    Office: The Learning Center
    Meyer, AnnProctor Phone: 745-9713
    Office: The Learning Center
    Pavia-Jones, K. JoeyMath & Biology Tutor Phone: 907-745-9706
    Office: The Learning Center
    Underbakke, KittyMath Tutor Phone: 907-745-9713
    Office: The Learning Center