Tundra Talks is all about involving the community in discussions on some of the most important issues in Alaska.


  • share related experiences among community members through discussion
  • engage our community in meaningful communication/ discussion
  • welcome the Mat-Su Valley community to the college: encourage familiarity with MSC’s people and facilities
  • develop a feeling of community through networking and shared service


Tundra Talks Picture

Tundra Talks Then: Last Year

Last year, we started the presentation sequence with a book (Jeanne Laskas’ Hidden America). The text examined some of the hidden parts of American society—such as migrant workers, oil rig workers, and coal miners—to remind Americans of the people we often do not see behind the
modern conveniences we count on. Instead of focusing on America, Tundra Talks focused on the hidden industry and people in Alaska and in the Valley. We invited historians, professors of
mining, oil industry experts, and farm-to- table experts in the area to discuss what was happening in Alaska and how it has changed over the years.

Tundra Talks Now: This Year

This year, our topic is Alaska: The Great Land. We’re not using a book; instead, we’re focusing on films and presentations. We want to explore what makes our state and local area unique and to celebrate that uniqueness. We’ll be looking at winter sports, nature’s bounty, and Alaskan farming industry, ending with “Alaskcape,” our presentations and demonstrations on topics important to Alaska! We’re inviting many different people to speak on anything from Government Peak development and animal migration to harvesting honey or growing apples in Alaska. We hope you join us!

Upcoming Events



  • Event: Thursday, April 13, 6:00-8:00 p.m., FSM 204.
  • Focus: how-to demonstrations and discussions on many things that will help get you ready for summer!


Dr. William Resinger: Model Airplanes

Sally & Hazel Koppenberg: Making Flower Baskets

Margaret Loew: Wheat Grinding


Snowmachining in the Mat-Su – Presentation from: Winter Fun Tundra Talks


Tundra Talks started two years ago when five Mat-Su College English Department faculty members began working on a community service project that we hoped would be relevant to and attract the interest of the MSC campus and the larger Mat-Su Valley community. Our goal is to create a venue for discussion of key questions and concerns our community faces—and, at times, to simply celebrate Alaska and its abundance of resources.


Need to contact us?

Dr. Sheri Ann Denison
Committee Chair
Faculty Coordinator
Assoc Professor of English
Phone: 907-745- 9786

Dr. Joan O’Leary
Professor of English
Phone: 907-745- 9753

Dr. Deborah Fox
Assoc Professor of English
Phone: 907-745- 9780

Dr. Galina Peck
Assoc Professor of College Prep &
Devlp Studies
Phone: 907-745- 9734

Dr. Kim Bloomstrom
Academic Counselor
Assist Professor of Counseling
Phone: 907-745- 9762

Teri Jeffress
Office of Academic Affairs
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 907-745- 9775



Tundra Talks Comments

Past Tundra Talks

Winter Fun

Cross Country

  • Presentation: Thursday, January 26, 6:00-8:00 p.m., FSM 204.
  • Focus: Government Peak, skiing, and snow machining in Alaska
  • Presenters:
  • Ed Strabel, Government Peak community enthusiast and advocate
  • George Hoden, Land Management Specialist for the Mat-Su Borough
  • Neil Fox, snowmachine enthusiast and Citizen Advisory Board for State Recreation member

Alaska Grown


  • Presentation Night: Thursday, March 30, 6:00-8:00 p.m., FSM 204.
  • Focus: gardening, poultry keeping, greenhouses


Steve Brown, Cooperative Extension Services, presenting on gardening

Thomas Hill, Alaska Representative of the American Poultry Association, presenting on raising chickens

Nathan Broumley, owner of RiGeneration Nutrition and beekeeper, presenting on beekeeping