Art Portfolio Competition

Art Portfolio Competition

Submission deadline: April 20

Winners Announced: April 26

Show: April 30-May 30

 Open to all Alaska High School Seniors

The Awards:

1st Place Award
Two semesters tuition scholarship

2nd Place Award
Six credit tuition scholarship

3rd Place Award
Certificate of Achievement

Honorable Mention
Certificate of Achievement
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Name of strudent

Mailing address of the student

Phone number for the student

Student's email

Name of the student's High School

URL of student's portfolio. This could consist of a web gallery or a cloud service.


Questions? Contact :
Dr. Felicia Dejimini, F.A. Coordinator
907 745-9755


  • Open only to Alaska high school seniors attending 12th grade in a public, private, charter or equivalent home school program.

You Must Submit

  1. Twelve Original Art Pieces: Must include at leasst 6 works of art in an area of concentration, such as, drawing, painting, photography, clay, etc. and an addition al 6 works in any medium for a total of twelve (12) pieces. Please identify the source when copying another artit's images. Students work must show development beyond duplication.
  2. List 12 items: List title and value (title can be project 1, project 2, etc.) on a separate sheet. Value is for insurance purposes only.
  3. Recommendation: Submit a letter of recommendation from an art professional under whom you have studied.
  4. Personal Narrative: Please write several paragraphs describing your educational plans and career goals.
  5. Complete Entry Form.

Conditions of Award

  • Scholarship may be used for classes offered at Mat-Su College only.
  • Scholarship must be used during the 2021-2022 academic year fall and spring semesters only.
  • Scholarship is limited to 12 credit hours of tuition per semester. Books and fees are not included.
  • Student must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA in the fall 2021 semester in order to receive the Spring 2022 scholarship.
  • Scholarship is non-transferable.
  • Must adhere to the Student Code of Conduct.