Occupational Endorsement Certificate in Veterinary Assisting

Veterinary students with teacher

A veterinary assistant plays a vital role within the veterinary profession. In the Veterinary Assisting Occupational Endorsement Certificate, students learn how to assist and support the veterinarian and the veterinary technician in their daily tasks. Students will learn the fundamentals required for the care, treatment and management of both the animals as patients and people as clients. Students learn the fundamentals of good customer service, communication skills and the essentials of clerical responsibilities. They further learn the fundamental skills of proper handling, nutrition and nursing care for both large and small animals. Students are introduced to clinical patient management and laboratory procedures.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the occupational endorsement certificate, students will demonstrate:

  • Knowledge of veterinary practice administration.
  • Basic ability to handle and restrain large and small animals.
  • Understanding of basic medical terminology.
  • Introductory understanding of animal anatomy and physiology.
  • Entry-level skills for laboratory procedures.
  • Effective customer service and communication skills.
VETT A101 Introduction to the Veterinary Profession 1
VETT A103 Veterinary Office Procedures 3
VETT A122 Basic Handling and Behavior: Small Animals 2
VETT A123 Basic Handling and Behavior: Large Animals 2
VETT A124 Introduction to Small Animals 3
VETT A125 Introduction to Large Animals 3
VETT A201 Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology 4
VETT A295 Veterinary Assistant Practicum 3
Total 21

A minimum of 21 credits is required for the OEC.