Tuition, Costs & Payment

  • Tuition

    Tuition rates for 2024–25 remain unchanged from tuition 2023-24 rates.

    Tuition is determined by:

    • The number of course credits
    • The level (e.g., 100-level, 200-level) of the course
    • The student's residency status

    Course Level




    Undergraduate lower division 

    (course numbers 050-299)

    $234 per credit

    $800 per credit

    $351 per credit

    Undergraduate upper division 

    (course numbers 300-499)

    $282 per credit

    $848 per credit

    $423 per credit

    Students who choose to audit a course are charged the same rate as those who take the course for credit.

  • Fees
    • Mandatory Student Fees (this updated list of fees will take effect Fall 2024)
    • Consolidated Fee... $15.70/credit Charged to UAA Mat-Su students to support campus IT infrastructure, the Learning Resource Center, Student Government, Student Activities and Wellness, admission, and graduation.
    • Summer Consolidated Fee...$10.70/credit Charged to UAA Mat-Su students to support campus IT infrastructure, the Learning Resource Center, admission, and graduation.
    • Infrastructure Fee ... $19/credit Charged to all UA students enrolled in one or more credits, regardless of class delivery mode. This supports facility renovation, infrastructure renewal, and the maintenance and enhancement of our university-wide technology infrastructure.


    Course-Specific Fees
    Course-specific fees do not apply to every class.  If an additional course fee is charged, it will be shown on the UAOnline detailed class information page.  To view fees for a specific class, go to the UAOnline Class Schedule Search and click on the number for the class in the CRN column.

    • Administrative Fee...Varies In some cases, courses on campus are offered through private organizations in the community. Fees for these classes are determined by the instructor. Students may be able to receive college credit for these classes by paying an additional administrative fee, or a process fee, to MSC. The administrative fees are based on current tuition rates.
    • Lab, Material, and Special Fees ... Varies A fee is sometimes charged in addition to tuition. The semester Course Schedule identifies courses for which fees are charged. Fee amounts may vary and are subject to change.  Examples of special fees include the non-credit course fee, practicum insurance fee, self-support fee, and Tech Prep course fee.


    Other Fees
    The following fees are only charged in specific circumstances.

    • Career Exploration Test Fee ... $10 A $10 testing fee will be charged for each testing session for non-students.
    • CEU Fee ... Varies This fee varies. It is charged per Continuing Education Unit instead of tuition.
    • Credit-by-Examination Fee ... $40 A nonrefundable $40-per-credit fee is charged to challenge a course.
    • Language Credit-by-Placement Fee An accepted, degree-seeking UAA student who has completed in residence a Department of Languages UAA catalog course with a grade of B or better is eligible to receive credit for the two immediately preceding language courses.
    • Late Payment Fees ... $125 | $175 A $125 fee will be assessed on all accounts which are not paid by the payment deadline. A $175 fee will be assessed on all accounts which are not paid by the withdrawal deadline. Students who pay for or drop their courses prior to the published deadline will NOT be required to pay the fee.
    • Non-sufficient Funds (NSF) Fee ... $30 A $30 fee is charged for each NSF check received by the college.
    • Placement Test Fee ... $21 A $21 assessment testing fee will be charged for each testing session. This fee is a course placement testing fee.
    • Proctor Fee ... $43 A $43 processing fee (per testing session) is charged for proctoring any test from an institution outside of the University of Alaska.
    • Replacement Student I.D. / WolfCard ... $10 Your first ID card is free and a $20 fee is charged for replacement. Student ID cards are available in Student Services.
    • Stop Payment Fee ... $18.50 An $18.50 fee is charged for all checks reissued due to a stop payment request by the student.
    • Transcript Fees:
      Unofficial ... no charge
      Official UAA PDF (order online) ... $12
      Official UAA paper normal processing ... $15
      Official UAA paper expedited/24 hr processing ... $30 
  • Financial Obligations

    If you register for classes, the University holds you financially responsible for that registration. Payment of tuition and fees is due by the deadline listed in the printed course schedule and the Academic Calendar. Even if you do not receive a bill, you must pay your tuition and fees by the published deadline. There will NOT be a University initiated drop for non-payment. You must drop your courses during the 100% refund period to avoid the obligation to pay. You are responsible for tuition and fees for courses not dropped during the 100% refund period.

    Failure to meet financial obligations University policy requires a financial hold be placed on your record if you fail to meet your financial obligations. This hold will prevent any enrollment, transcript, or graduation activity. Interest, late fees, or collection costs will be added to your account. The past due debt will be reported to a local credit bureau. Unpaid tuition and fees will be referred to a collection agency and/or collected via garnishment of State of Alaska Permanent Fund Dividends (PFDs).

    Agency sponsored students: All students who are sponsored by an Agency (WIA, DVR, VA, etc.) must contact their agency for details on how to obtain funding and the procedures required to register for classes. This must be done for each semester that they wish to register for.

    Agency sponsored students are required to have all appropriate paperwork processed through Mat-Su College Accounting located in the Campus Cache by the payment deadline.  If the appropriate paperwork has not been received by the payment deadline, the student will incur a late fee and hold will be placed on their account.

    Financial aid deferred tuition and fees: If you have proof of approved financial aid you may obtain an MSC deferment form from the Financial Aid Office. Call 745-9719 or 745-9762. This deferment form must be turned in to the cashier by the payment deadline to avoid assessment of late payment fees. 
  • Payment Information
    • Payment is due by the advertised deadline even if a bill is not received.
    • You may call a cashier at 745-9739 option 1 for your balance.
    • You may access account balance and pay through UAOnline.
    • A $30.00 fee will be charged for each check returned to Mat-Su College and must be paid by cash, credit card, or money order.
    • Effective June 1, 2016, credit and debit card payments for student accounts will no longer be accepted for processing by UAA and its affiliated campuses, including Mat-Su College. Credit/debit card payments will only be accepted online via UA's Touchnet PayPath and will include a non-refundable service fee. For additional information about this service fee, please visit the UAA Accounting Services FAQs.
    • To avoid being charged the service fee for credit/debit card payments:
      • pay online via web check (ACH)
      • submit cash, check, or money order at the Mat-Su College Campus Cache, JKB 109
      • mail a check or money order to:   

    Mat-Su College
    Campus Cache
    8295 E College Drive
    Palmer, AK 99654

    Touchnet Payment Plans
    Touchnet is an organization that handles tuition and fees in monthly payments for colleges and universities. There is an initial enrollment fee for each semester. For more information please visit Campus Cache.

    Electronic Billing
    An electronic bill will be generated for you on the 15th of each month and made available via UAOnline. An email reminder will be sent to your UA assigned email address each time the bill is generated; a paper bill will not be mailed. A link on the UAOnline Statement and Payment History page will take you to the page where you can pay with a credit card or electronic check. To view your electronic bill, go to UAOnline and choose Student from the main menu, then Student Account, then Statement and Payment History.

  • Residency

    Students must submit a completed Application for Resident Tuition Assessment to Student Services prior to the add/drop deadline. The University of Alaska policy on resident and nonresident tuition may be referenced in the current University of Alaska Board of Regents' Policy and University Regulation (Chapter 05.10 -Tuition & Student Fees). 

    Alaska Resident 
    Students may qualify for resident tuition through one of the following means:

    • Provide proof of Permanent Fund Dividend Eligibility
    • Provide proof of physical presence in Alaska for two or more years
    • Provide proof of graduation from a qualified Alaska high school within one year of enrollment
    • Be eligible for an exemption of the non-resident surcharge as listed on the Application for Resident Tuition Assessment form

    Dependents of UA alumni, active duty military/veterans, and other categories of students may qualify for in-state residency rates. Nonresident students who restrict their registration to 4 or fewer credits each semester will be charged resident tuition.  Nonresident students taking 5 or more credits are assessed nonresident fees on all academic credits.

    The Come Home to Alaska Program allows non-residents to qualify for resident tuition if they are directly descended from an Alaska resident. Click here for Alaska residency guidelines

    Participating states include Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, and other U.S. Pacific Territories & Freely Associated States participate in WUE and WRGP.

  • Post 9/11 GI Bill Beneficiaries  
    Students using Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits will have their current semester tuition and fees deferred at the beginning of each semester as long as they have no outstanding balances. Please meet with your VA School Certifying Official to confirm that you have no outstanding balances. This will prevent late fees and registration holds from being assessed. If the student’s Post 9/11 eligibility rating is less than 100 percent, then the student’s portion is expected to be paid by the payment deadline. Post 9/11 GI Bill recipients who have outstanding balances from previous terms are subject to late fees and a hold on future registration. 
  • Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver
    Mat-Su College follows the University of Alaska policy.  Please read the information on the University of Alaska Anchorage website for Senior Citizen Tuition waiver. 
  • Refund Policy

    To be eligible for a refund, you must submit a completed Add/Drop form to the Student Services office on campus by the date listed in the printed course schedule and the Academic Calendar for a refund. Lack of attendance does not constitute dropping a class. It is your responsibility to insure that the request is received by the registration office. If you are taking a class for a grade and withdraw after the refund date, you will receive a “W” on your transcript and will not receive a refund. You may not withdraw from a class after the withdrawal date published in this schedule. Please allow 4–5 weeks for processing your refund.

    • Non-Credit, CEU, and Self-Support Courses: 100% refund only if dropped one (1) or more business days the published class start date. No refunds are granted after this time.
    • Short Sessions: For classes with irregular start or end dates, the drop with 100 percent refund period ends at 5 p.m. five business days after the published class start day.
    • Cancelled Courses: 100% refund of tuition and fees for courses cancelled by MSC.
    NOTE: There will be a $30 stop pay/reissue fee for all checks lost or lost in the mail due to an incorrect address.