General Information

Student loans offered through the Federal government and the State of Alaska provide many students the opportunity to reach educational goals and offset the cost of education over time.

Grants and scholarships help eligible students pay for education without incurring debt.

Mat-Su College Financial Aid Advisors help students and prospective students apply for state and federal aid. State and federal governments, the University, and private organizations offer grants, scholarships, loans, and employment opportunities to students who demonstrate need for financial assistance. Each student’s financial situation is carefully assessed, taking into consideration: family size, assets, debts, income, and estimated costs of attending college. Types and amount of financial aid vary according to state and federal guidelines, student need, and availability of funds.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

In order to receive financial aid from any of the federal, state or institutional aid programs, a student must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress toward his/her educational goal. Complete copies of student progress are also available at Student Services.

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