Mat-Su Middle College School

The Mat-Su Borough School District (MSBSD) and University of Alaska Anchorage partner to provide a dual enrollment high school, the Mat-Su Middle College School (MSMCS) in the Mat-Su Valley. Established in 2016 at the Mat-Su College / UAA campus, from the Chugiak Eagle River campus in 2015, MSMCS provides the opportunity to successfully complete college coursework resulting in credits towards both a high school diploma and a university degree. MSBSD students have the opportunity to complete General Education Requirements (GERs) leading to an associate or bachelor degree through one of the University of Alaska Statewide campuses or can transfer out-of-state. This program is open to qualifying MSBSD high school juniors and seniors.

Application Process

Follow each and every step to avoid delays in the process.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • What type of classes will students take?
      After completing the Accuplacer and ALEKS exams, students will work with their college academic advisor to identify courses that will align with their placement and satisfy their high school graduation requirements and interests.
    • Will I have a counselor?
      Yes. You will have a high school counselor and a college academic advisor. Both will work together to track your progress and success in your college classes. You will work with both of them every semester you are enrolled in college classes.
    • How will the college communicate with me?
      The university automatically assigns each student an official University of Alaska (UA) email account. All communication related to registration and enrollment activities will occur either through the preferred email that students submit via UAOnline or through the official UA-assigned email. Students should review the correspondence received there regularly.
    • How will I register for college classes?
      Once you have been accepted to the Mat-Su Middle College School and complete the admissions process for Mat-Su College / UAA, you will schedule a 1-hour college overview appointment with your college academic advisor. Often during this appointment, based on your placement scores, you will select courses. You will need to know your username and password to log into your UAOnline to register for classes. Reference Step 6 of the college Application process for details on how to prepare for your appointment. Note that students may make an additional 30 minute follow up appointment to finalize class selection and registration. Unlike high school, you are the only one who can register for your classes, advisors and administrators can not register for you or make changes to your registration.
    • How will I get my textbooks for my college classes?
      Mat-Su Middle College School will issue your textbooks for your college classes. Contact MSMCS directly to find out when they will be issued.
    • Will there be parent-teacher conferences for college courses?
      No. Mat-Su College / UAA does not have parent-teacher conferences. Students may request to meet with professors during their office hours. Parents would not set up these meetings with professors. Students are solely responsible to track their progress and to communicate with their professor. Students can also reach out to their college academic advisor or high school counselor for guidance and support in this area. Note: University professors are not required to speak to Parents/Guardians, it is up to the student to advocate for themselves.
    • Will I be able to see my child’s grades and assignments?
      No, Mat-Su College / UAA does not use StudentVUE or ParentVUE. Students enrolled in Mat-Su College courses will use Blackboard for their college classes. Parents will need to work with their child to access Blackboard to view grades. However, not all professors use Blackboard to track grades. Students should reference their college course syllabus, track their progress and communicate with their professor if they have concerns. End of semester final grades are posted in the student’s UAOnline account. Students can also reach out to their college academic advisor or high school counselor for guidance and support in this area.
    • Will the Mat-Su College / UAA credits earned through MSMCS transfer to other colleges and universities?
      Yes and no. Mat-Su College is accredited through the University of Alaska Anchorage and the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). However, it is up to the receiving institution to determine how your credits will transfer. This process is called "transfer credit evaluation" and each institution evaluates credits differently. Your advisor will be able to further detail the evaluation process and help in selecting appropriate classes that you may wish to transfer.
    • Will MSMCS students be able to participate in student activities and events on campus?
      Yes. We encourage students to participate in our student activities through our Journey Program and Student Government Council.
    • How will I be informed if there is an emergency involving my child or the university?

      MSMCS students will be enrolled in the university’s RAVE emergency alert system, just like other Mat-Su College / UAA students. Parents will also be able to sign up to receive emergency alerts from Mat-Su College. Visit UA Alert to sign up for UA Alert for Parents and Community Patrons (Non-affiliated). Note your enrollment through that portal expires at the end of each semester, and they will need to re-register for the summer and fall semesters.

      To learn more about campus safety and procedures visit: Clery Act and Campus Safety

      Notice of Availability: Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

      The Annual Security and Fire Safety Report is available online at:  The report contains information regarding campus safety and security including topics such as: campus law enforcement authority; crime reporting policies; campus alerts (Timely Warnings and Emergency Notifications); fire safety policies and procedures; programs to prevent dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking; the procedures the University will follow when one of these crimes is reported; and other matters of importance related to security on campus. The report also contains information about crime statistics for the three most recent calendar years concerning reported crimes that occurred on campus; in On-Campus Student Housing Facilities; in Noncampus buildings or property owned or controlled by the University or a recognized student organization; and on public property within, or immediately adjacent to and accessible from, the campus.  The report also contains fire statistics for any fires occurring in an On-Campus Student Housing Facility during the three most recent calendar years.  If you would like to receive a paper copy of the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report, you can stop by the UAA Police Department Office at Room 114 of Eugene Short Hall on the Anchorage campus or request a copy be mailed to you by calling 907-786-1120 or emailing  You may also stop by the UAA Dean of Students Office in Room 122 of Rasmuson Hall on the Anchorage campus or request a copy be mailed to you by calling 907-786-1214 or emailing

    • Can I earn an Associate of Arts (AA) degree at the same time as graduating from high school?
      Yes and no. You can complete all of the required classes for an AA degree while in high school, but you will need to graduate high school before being awarded the AA degree. Additionally, it is not always the most efficient pathway to achieving your goals. Work with your college academic advisor to develop a personalized plan that maximizes your class choices, building a pathway to your ultimate college goals.
    • Will my Advanced Placement (AP) classes count towards college credit?
      One of the biggest benefits of AP classes is that you can earn college credit as long as you achieve the required score on the AP Exam at the end of the semester. AP exams are scored on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest. The list of required AP scores for UAA credit can be found at Nontraditional Credit Policies < University of Alaska Anchorage. Your college academic advisor will work with you to order your official AP scores and have them evaluated for credit.
    • Will IEPs and 504 plans apply at Mat-Su College / UAA?
      Students who experience disabilities are an important part of our Mat-Su College student body. The College approaches providing equal opportunities for students who experience disabilities as a campus-wide responsibility and commitment. College accommodations may differ from high school services and are based on one's diagnosis in combination with one's experience in the learning environment, and the federal guidelines for college students. Students will need to make an appointment with Mat-Su College / UAA Disability Support Services (DSS) to develop services for college classes.

 If you have additional questions please email Mat-Su College Student Services or call (907) 745-9746.