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As soon as grades are received in the Registrar's office and entered into academic history, they will be available on UAOnline.

You may also request a printed copy of semester grades from the Student Services office in FSM 101.


Student transcripts are an overall record of the student’s academic performance. It will list a student’s classes, grades, credit hours, major, minor and other academic information. Transcripts are available in two forms official and unofficial. Official transcripts are needed for most types of admissions, other institutions, and some scholarship programs. Transcripts can be ordered online or by submitting a form through Student Services. Unofficial transcripts are available both online and from Student Services.

Below are instructions for obtaining your unofficial transcript via UAOnline.

Login using your UA username and password.

If you need help obtaining your UA username password select “Forgot Password or UA Username” For further assistance Call Center Help Desk at 907-786-4646 or toll free (877) 633-3888.

Once you're logged into UAOnline, you can access your unofficial transcript by:
  1. Clicking on the Student Services & Account Information tab
  2. Then, click on Student Records
  3. Next, click on Academic Transcript

To view your transcript with all of your academic history, select All Levels as the Transcript level and then click Submit.  If you wish to view coursework at a specific level (i.e. undergraduate, graduate, professional development, etc.), select the appropriate level from the Transcript Level dropdown before clicking on Submit.

Please Note: Courses completed prior to 1982 are maintained on microfilm and microfiche and may not appear on your unofficial transcript in UAOnline.  Please contact Records at if you completed coursework before 1982.

If you cannot obtain your unofficial transcript from the University of Alaska site, please call 907-745-9746 or email Student Services for other options.

Official Transcript Instructions

  1. Access the UAONLINE website.
  2. On the left side of the screen click "Transcript Requests".
  3. Choose "University of Alaska Anchorage".

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact UAA Enrollment Services at 907-786-1480 or by email.

Order Academic Records in person or by mail.

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