Mat-Su Monitor

The Mat-Su Monitor is the student newspaper of Mat-Su College. Not only a source of college news, the Monitor also publishes creative writing, art, and commentary. It is a forum for the campus community. We welcome contributions from all students, staff, and faculty of Mat-Su College.

The Mat-Su Monitor has a wide reach. We insert thousands of copies into the Frontiersman. We also post the Monitor online, pass it out on campus, and deliver it to sites across the Mat-Su Valley.

Students, get involved!

  • Who should join the Monitor?

    We welcome all students. Joining the Monitor club is a fun way to make friends and learn what's going on on campus.

    Clearly, a paper needs writers. We'll take writers of all skill levels. After all, one reason for joining a club is to pick up a new skill!

    But writing is just one part of putting out a paper. We also need:

    • Artists, designers, and anyone familiar with laying out a print publication
    • Cartoonists
    • Creative writers (fiction, poetry, and so on)
    • Editors
    • Photographers
    • Students who will sell ads
    • Students who will deliver the Monitor to sites all over the valley

    And many more. Even if you think you have nothing to contribute, come to a meeting. There's almost certainly something you can do to help!

  • When does the Monitor meet?

    During fall 2023, we meet Wednesdays from 12:15 to 1:15 PM in FSM 105. You can also attend using this Zoom link.

    If you can't attend the meetings but still want to help out, please email us at!

  • Where can I read the Monitor?

    Our past issues page has links to the current and many past issues.

    Print copies are available on campus near all entrances and in the library. Print copies are also available at our community partners and in thousands of copies of the Frontiersman.

  • When are the deadlines?

    Look for fall 2023 deadlines at the start of the semester. Plan for the first deadline to be near the end of September.

  • I want to submit an article without joining the Monitor.

    That hurts our feelings. We'd like you to join our group. But if you won't, we'll still consider your submission. Just send us an email at Ideally, you will email us before you start writing. That way we can tell you if you're on the right track.

    If you must submit something anonymously, use the form below:

  • I have a question for Ask Sophia.

    Ask Sophia is the regular advice column for the Mat-Su Monitor. You can submit an anonymous question online using our Ask Sophia link.

  • Is the Mat-Su Monitor on social media?

    Yes! We have a social media account on the large, free, federated social network known as the Fediverse.

    There are also several old Monitor accounts scattered across the Internet. Please disregard them.

 Advertisers and Community

  • Advertising in the Monitor

    Advertising with us supports local students and shows your commitment to the community. It also gives your business the exposure it deserves. We print approximately 2,500 copies of each issue; most of those go out as inserts in the Frontiersman.

    • 3 inches by 3 inches: $75

    • 5 inches by 5 inches: $125

    • 7 inches by 7 inches: $175

    • 10 inches by 14 inches (interior): $300

    • 10 inches by 14 inches (back page): $375

    Please contact Advisor at to talk about placing an ad!

  • Monitor distribution sites

    One of the best ways to support the Monitor is totally free! By letting us drop off copies at your site, for your visitors, you increase our reach. To arrange to be a distribution site, please email Advisor at

Ask Sophia is the Mat-Su Monitor's regular advice column.  If you have a question you would like to see answered,  email your question or drop it in the Ask Sophia box in the front lobby.Ask Sophia dragon logo