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UA Scholarship Deadlines

January 26, 2021

Don’t Leave Money on the Ground! 

What would you do if you saw a dollar bill on the ground? Leave it there or pick it up?  

Not filling out the UAA/MSC general scholarship application before the February 15th deadline is like leaving hundreds of dollars on the ground. 

When you fill out the simple online application, you’re automatically entered into the running for dozens of scholarship opportunities ranging from $500 to $1,500 per semester. 

The application includes three short essay questions that you must answer in 500 words or less. Since we want you to have the best chance at success, we give you the questions in advance. 

  1. Tell us about your educational and career goals.
  2. Tell us about your activities outside of the classroom.  This could include things like volunteer work, sports, clubs, leadership roles, family activities, hobbies, employment or cultural opportunities.
  3. Tell us anything else that you would like the scholarship selection committees to consider when evaluating you as a scholarship candidate.  This could include things like your financial situation, your family or cultural background, honors and awards you have received, challenges you face or have overcome, personal accomplishments, or anything else you believe is relevant.

Make sure to use spell check, proper grammar and have someone proofread your responses. Also, if you are reapplying, please be sure to update your responses. 

If you have any questions about financial aid, or this scholarship opportunity, set up an appointment with one of our talented MSC Financial Advisors. You can sign up online at Make an Appointment or call us 907.745.9762. 

Spring 2021 Priority Registration: 

Sophomores Nov. 11th

Freshmen Nov. 12th

November 2, 2020

Priority registration for the spring 2021 semester opens to Sophomores on November 11th in UAOnline and to Freshmen on November 12th.  Incoming students with pending spring admissions status can start registering on November 16th.  Open registration begins November 23rd. 

Academic advisors are available to help you with registration and support.  Visit Academic Advising to schedule your appointment!

Priority registration dates can be found on Academic Dates and Deadlines.

UA Safe Title IX Training

September 3, 2020

Annual Title IX Training is required by students* and employees. The training opened September 1, and is available through UA Safe on Blackboard for students and UAOnline for employees. The deadline for students is October 31, 2020.

*degree seeking, living in campus housing, middle college students enrolled at the university, or on national/international exchange who have not completed the training since July 1, 2020