Computer Systems and Network Technology

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The Computer Systems and Network Technology (CSNT) program at Mat-Su College offers hands-on training with the latest technology in computer systems and PC networks. In this two-year program, students will be introduced to operating systems, networking systems, and cyber security. 

Courses in CSNT are flex-scheduled, allowing students to work and attend school at the same time. Technical skills are developed through designing networks, administering directories, troubleshooting equipment, and identifying user-end issues. Project management and business competency learning modules prepare students to certify in routing and switching through Cisco, as well as Microsoft Windows operating systems.


Associate of Applied Science

Occupational Endorsement Certificate


  • Computer Design and System Architecture
  • Operate Software Applications
  • Develop Networks
  • Troubleshooting Techniques
  • Business Fundamentals


The successful CST student will qualify for job opportunities with any organization that uses computers. An AAS degree in CSNT completes the first two years of a Bachelor's of Science in Applied Technologies Leadership (BSATL).

Computer systems professionals are in high demand to meet the technology needs of clients in practically every organization, including: health, banking, communications, industry, education, retail/e-commerce, and nonprofits. 

Classes in this Department Include:

Computer Network Technology (CNT)

Computer Information Systems (CIS)

Business Administration (BA)

Adjunct Faculty

Name Email Address
Caulkins, Misty
Day, Gerry
Green, Lawrence
Rye, Finn
Secoy, Amos