Welcome to Mat-Su College!

Welcome to your Mat-Su College educational journey. There are many rewarding experiences along the path to your ultimate goal; however, there are tests along the way (and not just the ones you take in class).

Mat-Su College is sponsoring a series of activities for students, staff, and faculty this semester to help you cope with stress, rise to challenges, and stay healthy as you make your way through this exciting, and often hectic time in your life.


By joining your MSC community at Journey events this semester, you can follow Sophia, our Arctic Dragon Mascot, on the four paths for health and well-being:  


Awareness of good mental health for yourself and others


Balance between school,
work, family, and self-care


Connection to campus, community, friends, and family


Off the Beaten Path invites you to expand your horizons

All Journey events are free. Just look for the Mat-Su College Arctic Dragon stamp of approval! Some events require pre-registration, so be sure to check the event before attending.

Mat-Su College Journey activities and behavioral care services are supported by a Healthy Impact Grant from the Mat-Su Health Foundation.


Attend events, collect stamps, and collect incentives

Bring your Passport to the Office of Academic Affairs, JKB 133, when you have collected:
  • 3 stamps - A choice of Frisbee, pedometer, or USB charger (while supplies lasts)
  • 5 stamps - $10 Break Time Café gift card
  • 6 stamps - $20 Campus Cache gift card
  • 7-10 stamps - Enter a drawing to win Journey spirit-wear or a $50 Campus Cache gift card 
Remember: when you attend a Dragon-approved event, make sure you get your passport stamped. Passports will not be stamped retroactively: You must collect your stamp at the event. Limit one passport per person.
Passports will be available in Academic Affairs, Student Services, around campus, and at Journey Activities. Good luck on your journey and best wishes for a happy and healthy semester!

Dragon Approved Activities

Click on the name of a Month below to see all of the upcoming Journey Events.

  • Awareness

    (Maximum 3 stamps)

    When we take the steps to understand ourselves and how we interact with others, we can begin to break unhealthy habits and avoid harmful experiences. The Awareness events will teach you more about good health for you and others.

    Nutrition Workshops

    Join Winona Benson, Nutrition Educator and Health Coach, for two informative workshops that will help you be healthier, have more energy, and even do better in your studies!

    Healthy Mythbusters: 5 tricky truths that make it difficult to lose weight and be healthy.

    January 16: 1pm-3pm, Atrium

    Why Put Off Feeling Good? The #1 secret to overcome low energy, brain fog, depression and fatigue – and you can start making changes today!

    January 18: 1pm-3pm, Atrium

    Backcountry Safety
    Alaska in the winter is a beautiful place, but the snow can hold many dangers. Come and learn the basics of backcountry safety in Alaska with Mike Buck.

    January 25: 5-7pm, FSM 206

    Understanding Physical Disability
    What is it like to manage and overcome the physical and often mental barriers members of our community with physical disabilities face each day? Access Alaska will host an activity to help those without physical disabilities to better understand some of the challenges daily life can present for those experiencing physical disability. Learn more about various physical disabilities through conversation and information you can take along to learn more and spread understanding.

    February 12: 10am-2pm, Atrium

    Invisible Disability Awareness
    Chances are you know someone with a disability – you just might not be able to see it! Access Alaska will provide an opportunity to better understand what it is like to live with an “invisible disability”.  Join us to learn more about why invisible disabilities can be so challenging through conversation and information you can take along to spread understanding.

    February 16: 10am-2pm, Atrium

    Bystander Training: Take a Stand!
    This 90-minute program with Hannah Guzzi will provide you with the skills to act when you see behavior that puts others at risk for violence, victimization, or perpetration. These skills include speaking out against rape myths and sexist language, supporting victims, and intervening in potentially violent situations.

    March 6: 11am-12:30pm, FSM 202

    Trauma and Children
    Join Dr. Bannan, to learn some of the basics about the ways in which trauma impacts the development of children, how you can assist children who have experienced trauma, and help adults who experienced trauma as children.

    April 9: 12pm-1pm, SNOD 119

  • Balance

    (Maximum 2 stamps)

    When they said life is a juggling act, they were probably talking about college! We often have to juggle class, work, friends, and family, and it's easy to get sidetracked and drop the ball on our own health and well-being. Balance events will teach you how to make time for your own good health while still keeping up with all of life's many demands.

    Mid-Day Meditations
    Regular meditation practice can bring balance into a busy life by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression; improving focus and attention; and, reducing high blood pressure and risk of heart disease. Take a 50-minute meditation break with Jenn Bartholomew!
    January 3: Noon to 12:50pm, FSM 207
    February 8: Noon to 12:50pm, FSM 207

    February 13: Noon to 12:50pm, FSM 207

    Introduction to Tai Chi
    Join Jenn Bartholomew for “meditation in motion”. Tai Chi is a noncompetitive martial art known for both its defense techniques and its health benefits. The regular practice of Tai Chi can strengthen muscles, improve balance, and reduce stress.
    February 1: Noon  to 12:50 pm, Glenn Massay Lobby
    February 7: Noon to 12:50 pm, Glenn Massay Lobby

    February 12: Noon to 12:50 pm, Glenn Massay Lobby

    Introduction to Yoga
    Join Ailis Vann for introductory yoga sessions to help you become familiar with a few basic yoga poses, plus breathing, relaxation, and concentration techniques. Please wear comfortable clothes, bring a water bottle, and have an open mind to try something new: Your body and mind will thank you! Yoga mats will be provided.
    February 19: 11:30-1pm, Glenn Massay Lobby
    February 28: 4:30-6pm, Glenn Massay Lobby
    March 5: 10-11:30am, Glenn Massay Lobby

    March 7: 4:30-6pm, Glenn Massay Lobby

    Break for Art!
    It’s true: 45 minutes of creative activity significantly lessens stress in the body, regardless of artistic experience or talent. Making art is good for the body, mind and soul. Drop into the art studio on any one of the days below to make a small project and take a stress break.
    Alcohol Ink Painting - (EVENT CANCELLED)
    Come experiment with these highly pigmented painting inks on a variety of surfaces for easy and spontaneous art-making.

    February 19: 10am-3pm, FSM 208 

    Finger Painting for Grown Ups - (EVENT CANCELLED)
    Access your inner child and use your fingers to paint! Join us for this joyous celebration of art and creative expression.

    March 19: 10am-3pm, FSM 208

    Chinese Brush Painting - (EVENT CANCELLED)
    Can’t draw stick figures? No problem — you will be mesmerized by the ease and joy of Chinese Brush Painting as you learn how to hold the brush, make strokes, create flowers, bees, etc.

    April 16: 10am-3pm, FSM 208

    Sandtray Experience
    Sandtray is a wonderful way to explore our inner experiences and balance ourselves. Come and learn what sandtray is all about by spending some time with your hands in the sand! This event is hosted by the HUMS Club and Dr. Bannan. Limited capacity: must pre-register by e-mailing

    March 30: Noon to 1:30pm, SNOD 119

  • Connection

    (Maximum 3 stamps)

    Connecting with others in the MSC community is a great way to reduce stress, build a network of support, and make lasting friendships. Attend Connection events to help you make some new connections along your journey to achieve your goals!

    Herbs have been used to heal the body and mind for thousands of years. Come and learn the basics of herbalism and make a few items yourself! This event is hosted by the HUMS Club. Limited capacity: must pre-register by e-mailing

    January 26: Noon to 2pm, SNOD 119

    Mat-Su Get Connected Expo
    Ready to get connected? Vendors from all interest areas, from sports to outdoor activities and clubs, will gather together to share about what services and programs they have to offer. Engage in hands-on activities and find opportunities for trying new things right here in the Mat-Su! This event is open to the public.

    March 3: 10am-2pm, Campus-wide

    Letter of Appreciation
    In our fast-paced world, there is nothing quite like receiving a hand-written letter of appreciation in the mail. Stop by and write an encouraging letter to someone! Come prepared with the address because we will stamp and mail it for you!

    March 5-8: (11am-1pm), Atrium

    National Library Week
    Research has shown that reading has lifelong benefits. Help celebrate and promote reading by creating and displaying a poster for your favorite book. The library will provide materials and display posters during National Library Week.

    April 8-14: Alvin S. Okeson Library

    Don’t Go It Alone
    Come and learn different stories from across the world about the strength of solidarity. Participate in activities to help you explore and express the meaningful relationships that have helped you along your path so far, and will help you continue on! Hosted by the HUMS club.

    February 26: Noon to 1pm, SNOD 119

    Director's Walks
    Get outside, enjoy nature, and make connections along the way. Join Dr. Colberg, Mat-Su College's Director, for a walk on the trails. Meet outside of the Director’s office.
    April 19: Noon to 1pm
    April 23: Noon to 1pm

    May 2: Noon to 1pm

    Attend a Mat-Su College Student Government Council Meeting

    Wednesdays, 11:50am-12:50pm, FSM 105

    Enter the MSC Student Showcase
    “A” work pays off! Enter a paper, project, research report, or any MSC class assignment on which you earned an “A” in the MSC Student Showcase. You can win prizes, but more importantly, a notation on your resume that you participated can make you stand out above your competition for a job or acceptance into a competitive degree program.
    Entry details can be found on the Student Showcase page.
  • Off the Beaten Path

    (Maximum 2 stamps)

    When we get stuck in the same old routines, we miss opportunities and chances to grow. Attend these events to expand your horizons by exploring, creating, and experiencing something new!

    Thoughtful Wednesdays
    Bring your lunch or dinner and join these informative discussions led by Dr. Bannan, Assistant Professor of Human Services.
    Emotional Intelligence – What is it? Why is it so important?
    February 21: Noon-1pm, FSM 200
    Effective Communication – Can we learn to be heard, and also to hear?
    March 28: 4pm-5pm, FSM 200
    Color Psychology – How does color factor into the way we interact with the world around us?

    April 25: Noon-1pm, FSM 200

    Urban Yeti Improv
    Laughter is good for our mental health! Urban Yeti Improv (UYI) is a masterful improvisational comedy experience. Performances are inspired by an array of sources, and rely heavily on audience participation. For this performance, themes will include choices and resilience. This event is free and open to the public.
             March 1: 7pm-8:30pm, Glenn Massey Theater

Traveler's Aid

Earn a Proactive Stamp:

    • Attend a FAFSA Friday or Scholarship Workshop
    • Use the MSC Math or Writing Tutor services
    • Join a Math Cram Jam session
    • Show up to a library information session
    • Meet with a career counselor in Student Services
    • Make an appointment with your academic advisor

Don’t Go It Alone!

You’re not alone on this journey! If you feel like you’re losing your way, there are places to go to help you get back on track:

Counseling Services

Mat-Su College students may receive up to three free counseling appointments with an experienced behavioral health clinician. To make an appointment, call Mat-Su Health Services at 907-376-2411 and identify yourself as a Mat-Su College student. You may meet with the clinician on campus or at Mat-Su Health Services.

Campus Resources

All faculty and staff are available to assist you in achieving your educational goals. Just ask for help!

Mat-Su Valley Resources

Pick up a United Way of Mat-Su Guide to Valley Resources at Journey Awareness events or visit the United Way website for a complete listing of organizations and agencies.