Alvin S. Okeson Library - Computer Lab


  • 19 stations
  • Scanner
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Headphones are available
  • Laptops are available for on-campus use
  • Wireless internet access is available

Computers are primarily for student research, but surfing and e-mail are permitted when a station is not needed for research. There are no time limits on computer use, but persons who are not working on papers or performing research for course-related projects will be asked to give up their stations when the lab is full.

All of the library's computers have word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation software loaded on them. A scanner is available.

Laptops are available at the circulation desk.

Please remember that this is an academic library that is open to the public rather than a public library. While some of our computers are available to members of the public, public patrons will be asked to give up their terminals so that students can use them when the lab becomes full.  Children are not allowed to use the computers. The library computer lab is maintained by Campus Technology Services.

You must have either a WOLFcard or print card to print.

Each student who has paid the technology fee will be credited with a $15 print allocation on their Wolf Cards at the beginning of the semester. This credit is not the same as Wolfbucks and can only be used for printing.  Any unused print allocation credit does not roll over to the next semester, but another $15 credit will be added if the student pays the technology fee again.  The credit is sufficient to cover most students' printing needs, but students can add Wolfbucks to their cards to cover additional printing if needed.  The print system will use the print allocation before drawing from Wolfbucks if both are present on a student's account.  Unlike the print allocation, Wolfbucks added to a student's account remain there until spent.

Printing costs are as follows:

  • Single-sided Black and White $0.13/page
  • Double-sided Black and White $0.16/page
  • Single-sided Color:  $0.17/page
  • Double-sided Color:  $0.23/page

You can add Wolfbucks to your account by credit/debit card using the "Add Wolfbucks" link on the library's website menu or by cash using the value transfer station in the library.

Public patrons will need to purchase a print card in order to print.  The cost for the card is $1.00.  Funds for printing must then be added (the total cost for a card with $1.00 of printing is $2.00).  Additional funds can be added later using the value transfer station in the library.  We do not have a way to add funds using a credit/debit card, so funds must be added using cash.