Alvin S. Okeson Library - Equipment

The library has over 170 pieces of equipment available for checkout by faculty, staff, and students.

Some of the useful tools we offer:

  • Laptops: If the library's computer lab is full or you would prefer to do your computing in one of the comfortable study spaces upstairs or around campus, the library has 15 laptops available for four-hour checkout.
  • Headphones: Available with or without microphones for four-hour checkout.
  • Calculators: TI-83, Ti-84, and Ti-86 calculators can be checked out for the semester.
  • iClickers:  Check out for the semester
  • Wireless keyboard/mouse: Make the development of your group projects easier by using one of the wireless keyboards that are available for use in the library's group study rooms.

Available to faculty and staff for instructional use:

  • Blu-ray player: If you have a Blu-ray video you'd like to show in class, try the library's Blu-ray player.
  • Document camera: Bring show and tell into the 21st century with a document camera. Connect the camera to the projector and show off anything that you put beneath its auto-focusing lens.
  • Cordless presenters: Sick of being tethered to your computer as you give lectures? Free yourself to present more naturally by using a cordless presenter. Presenters let you navigate PowerPoint presentations with the click of a button from up to 30 feet away.
  • Cameras: Whatever your digital imaging needs, the library has you covered. We have two high definition video cameras, an SLR digital still camera, and an assortment of tripods and dollies.
  • Bose Wave Radio/CD player: Music can be a wonderful way to make a point in just about any classroom. If you want the simplicity of a dedicated CD system or better sound quality than computer speakers provide, take a look at our easy to use Bose Wave Radio/CD player.

Additional items include:

  • Digital audio recorders
  • CD players
  • Conference phones
  • DVD players
  • DVD recorder
  • VCR
  • Digital notepad
  • Globes
  • Microphones and speakers
  • Portable projection screen
  • Projectors
  • Record player
  • Scanner
  • Slide projector/trays
  • Stereoscope glasses
  • TVs
  • Audio cassette tape dubber
  • Webcams

For information about availability, please contact the library.

For help with use or integration of these items into your instruction, contact Micah Muer (