Wi-Fi on Campus

Available networks:

  • UAA WiFi -MatSu is for students, staff, and faculty.  Users are required to provide a University of Alaska username and password.  They are the same as what you use to login to UA Online.
  • MSC - Guest is for users who are not affiliated with the University of Alaska.  It has limited speed and access, so students should not use it.

Connecting to UAA WiFi -MatSu on a Windows computer:

  1. Click the wireless or network icon on the right side of the taskbar near the clock
  2. A list of available wireless networks should appear
  3. Select UAA WiFi -MatSu
  4. Check "Connect Automatically" if you would like your wireless device to connect to this network automatically when you are within range
  5. Click "Connect"
  6. You will be prompted for your UA username and password.  Enter them, and click "OK".  You may also see a Windows Security Alert prompt with the options to either "terminate" or "connect".  You must choose "connect" in order to use the network.

Connecting to MSC - Guest

  1. Select "MSC - Guest" from the list of available Wi-Fi networks
  2. Open a web browser.  You should be redirected to a login page.  Create a new guest account by clicking "Don't have and account?" at the bottom of the login screen
  3. After providing your registration information, a password will be sent to you as an email and as a text message.  You will need either a cell phone or an email account that can be accessed at one of the library's public computer terminals to retrieve it.  Use the password to sign in at the login page

Manually configuring your wi-fi connection

Some operating systems may ask about settings before you can connect to the wi-fi network.  Below are suggested settings

  • Anonymous identity:  Leave blank
  • Authentication:  PEAP
  • CA certificate:  "No CA Certificate is required" or "Do not validate"
  • EAP method:  PEAP
  • Identity:  Your UA username
  • Inner authentication:  MSCHAPv2
  • Phase 2 authentication:  MSCHAPv2
  • Wi-fi security:  WPA and WPA2 Enterprise