Technology Service Request


This process will be used when new services are being requested or expansion of existing services require additional fiscal or resource investment.

As technology solutions can be very costly, new technology requests need to be evaluated for viability.  This process will also provide an opportunity to evaluate requests against existing services, identify capital and operational costs, funding resources, and how the technology service aligns with the college mission.

The project process is a partnership between the requesting office, Technology Services and other affected parties. It takes significant planning, time and dedication for any project to be successful. The service request form will capture the information necessary to begin the evaluation process. Please add as much detail as you can as this will help reduce exploratory efforts. The review process will be dependent on the size and complexity of the solution being requested.

Evaluation Process

  1. The completed request forms will be delivered to the IT Director who will conduct an initial review and meet with the requestor.
  2. Depending on the size and/or complexity of the request, the IT Director may bring the request to the Campus Technology Council for additional review. The council will then forward recommendations to the campus director.
  3. The campus director will evaluate proposals and make determination based on fiscal impact and mission alignment.

If a request is denied, the IT Director and/or Campus Director will provide requestor with reasoning for the denial or may present alternative solutions.

Once a request has been approved, the affected parties will meet to further develop project deliverables and timelines. Affected parties may need to meet periodically to address scope changes, fiscal impacts or other unforeseen obstacles.    

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