Glenn Massay Theater Calendar

This is the calendar for events at the Glenn Massay Theater (GMT). For more information, or to purchase tickets to an upcoming event, please visit the Glenn Massay Theater Homepage

Calendar Request Form

If you have an event to be added to a calendar, complete the Calendar Request Form below, with the necessary information.

Full Name of primary contact for event

Provide the room number, building, location, of event.

Provide start & end times of event.

This space is for you to give a description of the event, such as activities, time schedule, guest speakers, etc. Please provide as much information as possible to let viewers know about what to expect at your event.



PLEASE NOTE: This is a calendar request ONLY.

The approver will confirm each request before publication. Calendar requests are made on a semester by semester basis. If you request an event in advance of the start of the semester in which you are scheduling, we reserve the right to delay approval until the appropriate term.

You will receive a confirmation email once the calendar request has been published.