Student Rights & Responsibilities

Student Code of Conduct

As students attending a community campus of the University of Alaska Anchorage, Mat-Su College students are afforded the same rights and responsibilities as any member of the University community.  These rights, freedoms, and responsibilities are explained in the UAA Student Handbook (see links below) and on the UAA Dean of Students page. 

As stated in the UAA Student Handbook, "All members of the University community have a responsibility to protect and maintain an academic climate in which the freedom to learn is enjoyed by all. To this end, certain basic regulations and policies have been developed to govern the behavior of students as members of the University community."

For questions on student rights, freedoms, and responsibilities, contact Student Services or the Office of Academic Affairs at Mat-Su College.

Academic-related policies and processes are detailed in the UAA Catalog.

The following list is a sample of academic policies and processes students frequently have questions about:
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Class Attendance
Request for Late Add or Retroactive Withdrawal

Academic Dispute Resolution Procedure

UAA Student Handbook

Student Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities

Student Complaint & Dispute Procedures and Resources


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