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Phone: 907-745-9739
Fax: 907-745-9711

Mailing Address
Mat-Su College
Attn: Cashiering
8295 E College Dr
Palmer AK 99645

Fall 2023 Payment Deadlines

Event Date

Add/Drop Deadline, Last day to receive 100% refund


September 8, 5:00pm

Payment Deadline, $125 late fee assessed after 5pm

September 18, 5:00pm

$175 late fee assessed after 5pm

November 5, 5:00pm

 Cashiering Procedures, Policies & Resources

  • In Person Payment Options

    Payment may be made in-person via cash, check, bank check or money order.

    Online payments may be made with a web check (ACH), or with credit or debit cards. VISA, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, ChinaUnion Pay, Diners Club or American Express.

    Effective June 1, 2016, credit and debit card payments for student accounts will no longer be accepted for processing by Mat-Su College (in-person). Credit/debit card payment will only be accepted online and will include a non-refundable service fee. Visit our FAQ's page for more information.

    The "FREE" payment options available are:

    Web check (ACH) payments may be made on UAOnline for free, the service fee will NOT apply to these transactions

    Checks, cash and money orders will continue to be accepted at Mat-Su College. Either in person at the Campus Cache, or via USPS to 8295 E College Dr, Palmer AK 99645, please do not mail cash.

    Returned Checks will be assessed a $30 non-refundable processing fee.

  • Online Payment UAOnline

    To pay by web check or credit/debit card, you may remit payment through UAOnline

    1. Using your UA ID and password, login to UAOnline.
    2. Select the Student Services & Account Information tab
    3. Select Student Account from the menu
    4. Select Make Payments
    5. Select appropriate term
    6. Select Pay Now

    Please see the Instructions on Finding your Routing and Account Information (PDF).

  • Alaska 529 (formerly UA College Savings Plan)

    Alaska 529 (T.Rowe Price) UA College Savings Plan

    Call 1-800-478-0003 to request distribution from your Alaska 529 account. Please have your UA Student ID number ready. Once a distribution has been requested and received (wire transfer), it may take up to a week to post the payment to your student account. Your account is subject to late fee assessment if the payment is not received before the payment deadline.

  • Domestic (US) Wire Transfer

    You may pay your student bill by sending funds via wire transfer. Please include your UA Student ID number and full name in the wire transmission. To obtain UAA's bank and routing number information, please contact UAA cashiering at 907-786-1440 option 2.

  • Employee/Spouse/Dependent Tuition Waivers

    Please read important instructions below before submitting your tuition waiver.

     Tuition waivers for employees, faculty, staff, adjuncts and spouses/FIPs/dependents can be submitted electronically via NextGen. You do not need to print, scan or fax the form to sign and submit it, nor do you need to create any accounts to use this feature. Just sign in using your UAOnline credentials.

    Tuition Waiver Forms

    • ETW waives tuition only.
    • Students are responsible for any associated course fees.
    • Payment (including waiver submission) must be submitted by the payment deadline to avoid late fee(s).
    • ETW forms are only accepted until the last day of class for the term in question; submissions past the term end date will be denied.

    For more information, including eligibility and restrictions see University Regulation 04.06.010 (Employee Education Benefits).

  • Senior Citizen Tuition Waivers

    Please read important instructions below before submitting your tuition wavier. 

    Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver

    UA welcomes senior citizens to its classrooms and waives tuition for those eligible under Board of Regents policy R05.10.080.B. Regular tuition shall be waived for Alaska residents who are age 65 or older on or before the first day of instruction and they must register on a space available basis. "Space available basis" means when courses can accommodate such students in addition to other enrolled students.

    Follow three easy steps to complete registration:

    1. If you have not taken classes in the last two years, complete a Non-Degree Application for Admission at UAOnline
    2. Find the class or classes you want to take and write down class information, including the CRN number. Do not register before the first day of the semester
    3. Submit Senior Tuition Waiver to the Campus Cache prior to the payment deadline

    Please note these important facts about the Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver (SCTW):

    • SCTW waives tuition only.
    • SCTW is only accepted for classes registered for on or after the first day of the semester and on a space-available basis.
    • SCTW does not apply if the student has registered prior to the first day of semester.
    • Seniors are responsible for any student or course fees associated with the course(s).
    • Payment must be submitted by the payment deadline to avoid late fee(s).
    • SCTW forms are only accepted until the last day of class for the term in question; submissions past the term end date will be denied.

    Waivers may be returned in person, emailed to the Campus Cache, or faxed to 907-745-9711.

    For more information, including eligibility and restrictions, see Regents Policy 05.10.080.B (PDF)

  • Release of Information

    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal Law protecting the privacy of student education records, including financial information. A student may file an Authorization to Release Educational Record Information to allow someone other than themselves to access their student records.

    Please review the Parent's guide to FERPA for additional information. FERPA applies to all students attending the University of Alaska, including minors.

  • How to pay your student's account
    If we have a release of information on file, we can tell you your student's balance and you may make a payment at the Campus Cache with check, money order or bank check. If we do not have a release of information on file, you will need to get account balance information from your student before attempting to pay.

    Your student may also set you up as an 'Authorized User' so you can remit payment online.

    To set up an authorized user: 

    1. Your student must log into their UAOnline account using their UA ID and password and navigate to the student account payment page.
    2. Click 'Authorized Users'
    3. Click 'Add Authorized User'
    4. Enter the email address of the authorized user
    5. The authorized user will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to log in and view your payment information.
  • Use your 529 to pay your student's account

    Distributions from 529 plans held with T.Rowe Price may be requested by calling 1-800-478-0003. You will need to provide your student's UA ID number, the amount to send via EFT (electronic funds transfer) and what semester you would like to apply the payment to. T.Rowe price will have UAA's bank information on file.

    If your 529 account is with another administrator, you will need to contact them to request a transfer. You may need UAA's bank transfer information which is available by calling the UAA Cashier's office at 786-1440 option 2. If sending a check, please make it payable to Mat-Su College and include the name and UA ID number for the student. Please contact UAA cashiering at 786-1440 option 2 for bank transfer information if sending an EFT.

    All 529 plan payments take 7-10 business days to be posted to a student's account. Payments must be received before the payment deadline to avoid late fee assessment. Due to FERPA regulations, parents must have a signed authorization from the student to release information  when inquiring about the student's account.

  • Payment Deadlines
    The payment deadlines are published in the Academic Date and Deadlines calendar.
  • Refund Deadlines
     The last day to drop a course with a 100% refund is the add/drop deadline.